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AWS Connection Failure - Non-AWS

Hello,We're currently trying to onboard AWS into Saviynt for our client. With the following connection type "AWS_NonAWSCloudDeploymentCrossAccount_Template" we get an error. Following this documentation: AWS Integration we have configured the connect...

Alex_Terry by Regular Contributor
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OTP not generating

Hey guys, So I am trying to setup OTP verification for changing password for self. I've configured a rest connector such that it sends OTP to the mobile number. I've also put this rest connection in the global configuration at otp provider name. My s...


MFA for Admin Users

Requirement:We are using Azure as SSO for End Users and We want to enable MFA for Admin Accounts/locally created users which are not SSO Accounts.I referred below documents and implemented steps but nothing is working neither prompting for MFAUsing O...

Using Digest Auth Type

Hi guys,I need to use Digest auth for an application. This proves to be really hard as I don't even know where to begin with.It works via postman with the MD5 Algorithm but there is no auth type in the saviynt docs that seems to support this type of ...

Baver by New Contributor
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Resolved! Unable to login in Saviynt non-prod environment because of bulk status update of Users to "Inactive"

Hi We have enabled SSO in Saviynt's test environment but by mistake marked all the user records to "Inactive" which has blocked login for whole team. Is there a way to solve this issue? we have already raised a support ticket for this but must have s...

GauravJain by Regular Contributor
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Connection JSON for Basic REST Connector

Greetings,I am working on a REST Connection and having troubles with the authentication.So it is a Basic Authorization with a username and password. In postman I add username and password under authorization tab and pass the payloads in body and it w...

mirani by New Contributor III
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REST + Access Import Job Failing

Hi, I'm working on a REST integration and have the following Import Account JSON.  Previously I was able to run both account and access imports successfully. However, during the account import, I wasn't able to map the corresponding entitlements to t...

nikhil by New Contributor III
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Resolved! SFTP file download issue

Hi,We are getting the below error when trying to download the file from SFTP location. even if the file is present in the mentioned location, we are getting an error that file is not available in the location. Any suggestions?FILES_TO_GET:[{"eic_dest...

HarishG by Regular Contributor
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ADSI Connector SSL Setup

 Hello,We are in the process of setting up the ADSI connector for one of our clients and would appreciate some guidance regarding the ADSI SSL setup.There are three main components involved in this operation:Saviynt EICADSI AgentActive DirectoryFollo...

Resolved! Login failed audits

Dear community, My company is requesting to have audit logs for our Saviynt tool such as Logins (both success and failed) with username, timestamp, IPaddress...From the tool, I was able to find the feature Admin Functions -> Saviynt Usage where you c...

FranciscoS by New Contributor III
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Netsuite Connector Authentication Query

Netsuite offers Oauth2 as Authentication for their REST endpoints, With 2 grant flows1) Authorization code2) Client credentials Limitation with Author...

Sivagami by Valued Contributor
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Resolved! REST - Getting 401 response for connection

Hi guys,We want to integrate Adobe Creative Cloud but the available connector uses JWT authentication which is already deprecated by Adobe. We need to use 'OAuth Server-to-Server credential'  if we want to integrate with Adobe Creative Cloud.I have f...

karthik1 by New Contributor
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Saviynt user password

Hey guys, so I have a usecase where when a user is imported through a csv file an email should be sent to the user withs saviynt username and password. So, I got to know that it is not possible to retrieve saviynt password of the user (though we can ...

Resolved! Change SSO to change IDP Config Not working

Hello,We have SSO Enabled in version 23.4. It is with Ping as IDP. In one of our test environment we wanted to reconfigure IDP to point to a new instance.I have changed the below: (Attempt 1)1. Change external Groovy to update IDP entity ID (From mo:...

SurajitP by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Getting Access Denied error in Saviynt API

I am doing SIEM Integration as per Saviynt Documentation.The first time I sent the request to fetch the list of the Security system It sent a correct response when I just clicked on the send button again in Postman I got an Access Denied error with 2...

utkarshING by New Contributor III
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Sav4Sav userimport failing

Hi. We are trying to use the sav4sav connection to perform a userImport and update some CP to a value using preprocessor. Here are the current connectionJson and userImportJson:{"authentications": {"acctAuth": {"authType": "oauth2","httpHeaders": {"A...

Unable to connect to Saviynt with SSO v23.11

We have activé the SSO for our DEV environment.We have checked SAML response and the status is success.But we get the error : When we click the above link, we get the logout page as below:In AuthenticationConfig.groovy file, grails.plugin.springsecur...

Lapin_0-1705623101973.png Lapin_1-1705623224180.png
Lapin by New Contributor
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Rest Connector Pagination in Import Account JSON

Hi, Postman response on a get User request is as shown below.  ],    "pageable": {        "sort": {            "unsorted": true,            "sorted": false,            "empty": true        },        "pageNumber": 0,        "pageSize": 20,        "off...

POST call inside testConnectionParams

Is it possible to put a post call inside testConnectionParams ? I am using the below json. {"authentications": {"acctAuth": {"authType": "oauth2","url": " ","httpMethod": "POST","httpHeaders": {"Con...

Resolved! User inactivity timeout settings question

Hello, as some background, we have a custom SSO IdP configured for user authentication to our Saviynt environments. I'm attempting to set the user inactivity timeout settings in Saviynt and had questions on how a few of these properties / preferences...

Resolved! saml sign assertion

Hi Team,When we enable the sign assertion option in identity providers, do we need to import IDP certificates? If so, where? Is there any reference documentation?It appears that uploading the metadata.xml file is sufficient, based on the documentatio...

iam01 by Regular Contributor
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