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Salesforce Create Account

Hello Team,We have a requirement where we want to perform the below tasks:1. We want to update the manager from Saviynt to Salesforce2. We want to trigger the email "Get new password and notify user immediately"  We are using the OOTB Salesforce conn...

Vidhimehta by Regular Contributor
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Reset password before deletion

I have everything set up but it doesn't seem that Saviynt is generating a password in the API call. It is just putting in "${randompassword}" in the body of the call. 2024-04-25T08:40:38-04:00-ecm-worker-2024-04-25T12:40:37.949025952Z stdout F 2024-0...

IAM by Regular Contributor
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Random Password Generation on Enable

Hello,We are using random password generation on ENABLEACCOUNTJSON in the AD connection:"userPassword":"${randomPassword}"The issue here is that there are cases when the password generated is ridiculously long something like -*?-*^)@12!DF?!7--*?-*^)1...

umang28 by Regular Contributor
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Reset API password v.24

Hi,How can I reset API password in v24 for service account when we have SSO enabled for service account, and it is not tied to AD account? I'd appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you!

Alin by New Contributor
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Change Password - 24.4 version upgrade

Hi,This is with reference to 24.4 version upgrade in DEV EIC.As per 24.3 release notes, the link mentioned below should guide the user to Change Password for Self page:JIRA ID: FON-14167Description:When a user clicks any of the following deep link UR...

nsapna by Regular Contributor
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regex to filter weak passwords

Hello, we have a need to respond to a password deficiency audit finding, because we do not currently have filters in place in Saviynt to block the following scenarios.  Is this something that can be achieved with regex?  If so, what would that look l...

Resolved! Provision user password

Hey guys, I want to provision user password to target application password while creating account. Is it possible? If yes, what is the binding variable I should use in CreateAccountJSON ?

Preventing Password Reset on first logon

Hello, We have enabled SSO (Using AzureAD as our IDP) and want to prevent users (which are already in Saviynt) being prompted to reset their password upon first sign in. From this forums post (

Alex_Terry by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Weak / Compromised Password Monitoring

Hello - Does Saviynt currently support the ability to reject known compromised or weak passwords* as part of the password change flow?  I see the ability to reject common dictionary words but I am not seeing the ability to deny compromised or weak pa...

UNIX Server Integration Queries

Team, we have a requirement to integrate EIC with a UNIX-based system, and we have a few queries for which we are seeking answers. Could you please review these queries and respond?1. Are there any prerequisites to be performed on the target end (UNI...

suryavav by New Contributor III
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Password Filter support on server core

Hello,We have requirement to install password sync filter. However DC machine is 2016 server core so msi installation won't work unless it has command line options.Is there any way to install in on server core? or it only supports Windows Server 2012...

Resolved! Saviynt API to reset AD account password

How can I change the password for accounts created on Active directory EndPoint ?The postman collection does not seem to have API for password management. However Saviynt UI console (ARS -> Change Password -> Reset account password for others) has th...

Ajith by New Contributor III
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SavPwFilter.json config settings clarification

Looking for more information on the "policy" settings within the password filter sync connector. The documentation that I was looking at doesn't provide sufficient explanation of the policy settings.  If there's a documentation that provides detailed...

RWolfe by New Contributor
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Bulk Password Generation

Hi Folks, I'm trying to get bulk list of generated passwords from Saviynt to validate password gen rules but can't manage to get it through. So far I've tried to triggerchange via API but it forces you to set password via API Call directlyusing ${ran...

Soyu by New Contributor II
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Password Policy Rule - Scope: User

When was the SaviyntDefaultRule password policy added?  I have a 23.5 env that has it and one that doesn’t.Is this policy applied to every user in Saviynt, assuming you change the user’s password via Saviynt or does it have to be applied to the user ...