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Best practice for Inline Preprocessing

Short Description:Inline Preprocessing was introduced in Saviynt IGA solution v5.4.2 or later to achieve the following goals:Avoid database locking caused by concurrent custom queries or resource-intensive database computing jobs on the SSM schema.Se...

User import best practices

Short Description:Best practices to follow while importing an identity as Saviynt user from an authoritative source.Applicable versions:All versionsDetail best practice:Use the out of the box connector instead of custom connector or a generic REST co...

pruthvi_t by Saviynt Employee
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Where to Store user's sensitive information

Short Description - Often user community asks where to store user's sensitive information in Saviynt. We will talk about the different attribute types which Saviynt provide to store sensitive information.Detailed best practice - Saviynt provides two ...

SAgrahari by Saviynt Employee
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Schema based/File based Import Best Practices

Short DescriptionThis document provides an overview of best practices for schema import jobApplicable versionV5.5sp3.x & EICDetail best practiceEnsure to keep the schema file clean as the import picks up all the sav files present in the location duri...

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