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Customizing the user interface to reflect branding through banner color changes for EIC.

Pre-Requisites:Permissions Required for User Interface CustomizationYour SAV roles must have specific permissions to customize the UI on the User Interface Branding Configuration page.  Action                                                          ...

ui9.png ui11.png ui10.png ui12.png

Need to upload images to use in Email

QuestionHi Team , Could you please upload the images which need to be used in Email template. Insert image option on email template creation form is not available for Advance Html option. Once image is uploaded, please share the URL to be used in ema...


Remove Do Not Disturb Delegate

QuestionIs it possible to remove the Do Not Disturb delegate set on a user?AnswerFrom UI, it is not possible to make in blank, only option would be to use Custom query job to update it and make it blank/null


Workday Connection job failing - v2021-Dev

Question: We're trying to setup workday connection in DEV v2021, connection is successful but job is failing with the below error message. We followed workday connector guide 2.0 for creating a connection. Error - Error parsing parameter HR_IMPORT_JS...

sahil by Saviynt Employee
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Basic Insights Matrix for Risk and Criticality

Use Case:How are the Criticality and Risk parameters used for calculating Risky Entitlements/Roles as part of Basic Insights Feature in Request Approval ScreenApplication Version: 2020.x and aboveSolution:Entitlement_Values and Roles have an option t...

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Passing Role Name dynamically in the JSON

QUESTION:   We have new application(Rest based) which needs to be integrated with SIGA.    Application Name - ABC   In this we have one requirement, while creating a user we need send an attribute called Role.    They have total 3 different values f...

Exchange Connectivity- High Availability

QuestionWe are building connectivity to on premise Exchange Servers via WIN PS connectors and Saviynt app as per standard Saviynt documentation. While we do have LB in front of Exchange instances to achieve loadbalancing and High Availability. Howeve...

RakeshMG by Saviynt Employee
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Renaming HANA rules

QuestionAre there any implication in renaming some technical rules and user update or is it better to inactive the current rule and create a new one altogether?AnswerNo, renaming the rules doesn't have any implications as anywhere rules are reference...

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 4.20.38 PM.png
pruthvi_t by Saviynt Employee
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