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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


We are setting accounts to "Manually Suspended" in Saviynt. The status change is working as expected but the account name is also getting changed after the Disable account task has been completed.

Logs will show 2022-12-22 10:07:23,689 [quartzScheduler_Worker-9] DEBUG services.ArsTaskService  - Updating the Name to <accountname>-ManuallyDeleted on-<Date>


The changing of the account name will cause a creation of new/duplicate account in cases if user is rehired. We don't want to create new account. We are changing the account status just to reflect the status on Exchange server. We are using dummy Json in the disable so it is not doing any changes on the server side.


This renaming does not seem to happen on all endpoints but on some.


The “ManuallyDeleted” appended to the account name occurs when the Recon Application setting in the Security System is set to No.



Set the Recon Application setting to Yes in the Security System to prevent “ManuallyDeleted” being appended to the account name when disabling an account.



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