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Various Usage of Dynamic Attributes

Short Description:Dynamic Attributes are very important tool to address the form specific use cases. This document talks about the best usage of dynamic attributes for different use cases.Application VersionAll versionsDetailed Best PracticeHow to us...

Base url usage in email templates

Short Description:The email templates can have reference to the deep links specific to the environment where it is deployed. For example, when an email is sent for campaign, the email will refer to the specific certification for the end user, created...

Avoid Reminder values in unit of minutes

Short Description - We have options to set values 1-10 minutes in reminder due option in  approval node in a workflow . The reminder values set in minutes can cause the reminder emails to sent unexpectedly. For example if email history job is set for...

SAgrahari by Saviynt Employee
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Avoid using Cross module email variables

Short Description - Saviynt does not have a guardrail to stop users from using same email variable across different modules. This leads to issues during implementation and users dont get desired result from email template.Detailed best practiceSaviyn...

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SAgrahari by Saviynt Employee
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Design template workflows for expediting application on-boarding

Short Description:In many IGA implementations, as part of the application onboarding exercise, we often spend a significant amount of time discussing the approval workflows with the application owners. Most application owners inquire about specific s...

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Access Requests – Common issues and possible solutions

Short DescriptionGuide to address most common issues and possible solutions while configuring Access Requests.Applicable versionAllDetail best practiceA specific tile on the ARS page is not visible for a SAV Role (applicable to versions before EIC)Ch...

Best practice for Custom Request forms and dynamic attribute

Short DescriptionSaviynt solution can be extended by making use of dynamic attributes, to support creation of custom application request form to capture the fields/data by the end user while raising a access request.  Dynamic attribute enables the im...

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