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In many IGA implementations, as part of the application onboarding exercise, we often spend a significant amount of time discussing the approval workflows with the application owners. Most application owners inquire about specific steps in the approval process, and as a result, we have to create unique workflows for each application to meet their requirements. This can lead to operational challenges, as the support teams spend a considerable amount of time understanding the workflow processes, resulting in inefficiency and customer dissatisfaction.

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Detailed Best Practice

As a best practice, it is recommended to create a maximum of two types of workflows that can be applied to an application. These workflows should be designed to utilize application metadata to make decisions regarding routing approval requests. Once these workflows are established, only minimal changes should be permitted. Any required deviations from the workflow capabilities need to be carefully analyzed and modified only after detailed design decisions have been made.

Below is one of the patterns where the workflow can be designed.


Here, the application owners will be given two options - Option 1 or Option 2.

In option 1, the approval will be driven by the endpoint metadata. Application owner can choose parameters like is manger approved required, is escalation required, what level of application owner approval required etc. as a configuration option in the end point metadata. 


In Type 2 approval, which is an entitlement level approval workflow, the parameters can be configured as below.


Providing these options can help the application owners to subscribe to an out of the box workflow option and to achieve faster onboarding times.

Key Benefit (Quantitative/qualitative)

  • Expedited application onboarding
  • Easy to maintain

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