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Workflow- Access servers during office hours

Hi Team, Working on workflow to allow employees to create autoapprove request to access workloads during  office hours.  Office timing is from 8AM EST to 5PM EST.  Please share the variables  to be used in workflow condition.  Thanks, Manju

Manju by New Contributor
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Endpoint Dynamic Attributes

I have a few questions about the use of dynamic attributes at the endpoint level. Specifically, I'm using this during the management of service accounts. Is it possible to restrict the 'Account Name' field for service account management to force only...

Workday Real Time Sync to Saviynt IGA

Okta provides something like Workday Real Time Sync to trigger an update from Workday to Okta in real time  - https://help.okta.com/en-us/Content/Topics/Provisioning/Workday/workday-rts.htmDoes Saviynt provide such capability or have plans to provide...

SAV Role Specific Analytics

Hi Team,We are trying to map a specific analytic report to SAV Role. we have added the specific Analytics under SAV Role. But still it's not being displayed under user access. We have made the modifications to the SAV Role Feature Access, but no luck...

jsatish by New Contributor III
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Azure AD last login time

Hi all,How can I import the last login date time on an Azure account? Is there a direct attribute that can be mapped in the 'account attribute' section of the connection configuration? Thanks

asp by New Contributor II
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Workflow issue

Hello,I`m using below condition :(endpoints.endpointname.contains('abc') eq true) orendpoints.customproperty1 eq 'Yes'If endpoint name is abc or endpoint customproperty 1 is yes then it should follow 1 level of approval or else 2 level.If I use the c...

Aniketk by New Contributor
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Resolved! PAM Certification

Hi Team,We would like to understand how best we might configure a Privileged Access Cert in Saviynt to review high risk access.Do we have any article on PAM certification in saviynt?If yes, plz provide the link.Regards,Ekata

Ekata by New Contributor II
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External Identities updated per day

Hi Team, This query i used to find the count of usernames who are updated within today. This is showing the result perfectly if i updated the users through UI. But when i tried updating users through CSV the result is not increasing. My intension is ...

Saviynt Analytics API max limit value

Hi Team ,Hi Team,We need to fetch all records from the analytics API in a single API call, but we observed that the {{url}}/ECM/{{path}}/fetchRuntimeControlsDataV2 API has a maximum response limit of 500.Could you please let us know if we can increas...

Provisioning and Import not working.

Hello Team,We have an issue with provisioning and reconciliation for one of the rest based application. Task is getting errored out with the below provisioning comments{"headers":null,"message":"","statusCode":null,"description":null,"status":"Failed...

SA_123 by New Contributor II
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Updatedate of User

Hi,There is a requirement that we need to retrieve the userdata which got modified with file upload.The below query works to get all the users who got updated(even if there is no change in data). But we need only the users whose data(firstname or las...

HarishG by New Contributor II
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Need to understand task status

Below are the different task status listed in the saviynt documentation but want to understand on how/when tasks are marked as per below status. Because when the task is not provisioned and all provisioning tries are complete even task status show as...

Mani by New Contributor
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SAML SSO - Multiple IDP

Could someone please share a working AuthenticationConfig.groovy file with MULTIPLE IDP configuration? We tried following the same steps as mentioned in the documents. But see the error below. caused by: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreation...

Mareetta by New Contributor III
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JWT in REST connection

Hi all,Have you ever worked on JWT in REST connection? We have a requirement to integrate PingIdentity with Saviynt through PingIdentity APIs. To make a call to the PingID API, we must construct an API request token. The request token is a JSON Web T...

fy by New Contributor
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Pass urlencoded data in API body

HI team,I am trying to create account using API and i am few issuesAPI is working fine from Postman but not from saviynt. Body of the API call is url encoded and data is sent in arrays. Can some one help me in CreateAccount Json built with the help o...