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SMTP Best Practices

Short DescriptionThis document provides an overview of the best practices while configuring the SMTP to offer a seamless experience to the end users and avoid email failures.Applicable version5.5SP3.X & 2021 & LaterDetail best practiceEnsure the Rate...

Detective SOD Best Practices

Short descriptionThis article explains some of the best practices for SODApplicable versionAll Saviynt Versions SOD Best Practices (Detective) 1. It is highly recommended to use the SOD Simulation feature to test any SOD calculation and evaluation at...

sai_sp by Saviynt Employee
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Active Directory best practice

Short DescriptionAD is one of the most commonly used connector. This article provides best practices for configuring AD connectorApplicable versionAll versionsDetail best practiceTry to use ObjectGUID as reconciliation Attribute in Account_Attribute ...

Rishi_0-1686145735372.png Rishi_1-1686145913707.png Rishi_2-1686145970474.png
Rishi by Saviynt Employee
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Best practice for Inline Preprocessing

Short Description:Inline Preprocessing was introduced in Saviynt IGA solution v5.4.2 or later to achieve the following goals:Avoid database locking caused by concurrent custom queries or resource-intensive database computing jobs on the SSM schema.Se...

Recommendations of using Archival jobs

TitleRecommendations of using Archival jobsShort DescriptionArchival jobs  are essential for maintaining data integrity, complying with regulatory requirements, and optimizing system performance, Also  is the process of collecting older data and movi...

Role Design Best Practice

Short DescriptionBest Practices to be followed during Role Creation/Modification. Role are used to club together multiple types of access from a single or multiple endpoints and grant it to user in a single request.Applicable versionAllBest Practices...

prasannta by Saviynt Employee
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Saviynt API Best Practices

Short DescriptionBest practices guide for the recommended guidelines for effectively managing Saviynt API service account (Saviynt user identities) used for generating bearer token for authentication of various Saviynt APIs.Applicable versionAll vers...

Swathi by Saviynt Employee
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User import best practices

Short Description:Best practices to follow while importing an identity as Saviynt user from an authoritative source.Applicable versions:All versionsDetail best practice:Use the out of the box connector instead of custom connector or a generic REST co...

pruthvi_t by Saviynt Employee
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Best Practices for building Extensions

Short DescriptionSaviynt provides support to execute and invoke extensions or custom jars from various application modules. Below are a few Do's and Don'ts  that should be followed while building oneApplication versionAll VersionsDetailed best practi...

Various Usage of Dynamic Attributes

Short Description:Dynamic Attributes are very important tool to address the form specific use cases. This document talks about the best usage of dynamic attributes for different use cases.Application VersionAll versionsDetailed Best PracticeHow to us...

Connector best practice

Short DescriptionThe connector are key module that integrates Saviynt with the target application. Following are the best practice to configure connectors to avoid issues and performance improvement.Applicable versionAll version unless specifically m...

Rishi by Saviynt Employee
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TPAG | Guidance on GSP Customization

Document Purpose:               The Saviynt provide feasibility to do the customization of the create/update user request page as one of part of Third party access Governance (TPAG). Using this feature the create and user update request page can be c...

Base url usage in email templates

Short Description:The email templates can have reference to the deep links specific to the environment where it is deployed. For example, when an email is sent for campaign, the email will refer to the specific certification for the end user, created...

Where to Store user's sensitive information

Short Description - Often user community asks where to store user's sensitive information in Saviynt. We will talk about the different attribute types which Saviynt provide to store sensitive information.Detailed best practice - Saviynt provides two ...

SAgrahari by Saviynt Employee
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Import Tips - Connector selection & config to avoid failures

Short Description  - This best practice is intended to help Application Administrators with the type of import based on business scenario and use cases.  This is mainly applicable when Saviynt provides more than one type of connector for an integrati...

SAgrahari by Saviynt Employee
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Avoid Reminder values in unit of minutes

Short Description - We have options to set values 1-10 minutes in reminder due option in  approval node in a workflow . The reminder values set in minutes can cause the reminder emails to sent unexpectedly. For example if email history job is set for...

SAgrahari by Saviynt Employee
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Certifications Best Practices

Certifications Best PracticesBest practices to be considered before launching Campaigns.Applicable versionAllBest Practices (Applicable to All Types of Campaigns)Always review the campaign configurations carefully before launching the campaigns unles...

prasannta by Saviynt Employee
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How to send the encrypted email from SSM

Use case:           How to send the encrypted email from SSM for credentials notification to End-userSolution:            Saviynt doesn’t support encrypted message directly for end user. However Encrypted message can be sent by using O365 as SMTP rel...

kishorekumarmb_0-1687355403249.png kishorekumarmb_1-1687355403252.png kishorekumarmb_2-1687355403258.png kishorekumarmb_3-1687355403262.png

Avoid using Cross module email variables

Short Description - Saviynt does not have a guardrail to stop users from using same email variable across different modules. This leads to issues during implementation and users dont get desired result from email template.Detailed best practiceSaviyn...

SAgrahari_0-1684996459962.png SAgrahari_1-1684996459963.png
SAgrahari by Saviynt Employee
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Design template workflows for expediting application on-boarding

Short Description:In many IGA implementations, as part of the application onboarding exercise, we often spend a significant amount of time discussing the approval workflows with the application owners. Most application owners inquire about specific s...

abhisheknair_0-1684908752223.png abhisheknair_1-1684909219517.png abhisheknair_2-1684909314693.png

Best Practices for jobs/trigger management

Short Description :Best practices for various jobs scheduling and trigger managementApplicable version :All VersionsDetail best practice :Schedule Imports at Off-Peak Times: Identify off-peak hours or low-usage periods in your system and schedule use...

pruthvi_t by Saviynt Employee
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Security system and endpoints best practice

Short DescriptionThis article describes the best practices for security system and endpointApplicable versionAll versionDetail best practiceSecurity SystemProvisioning Limits should be set for “Disable” and “Delete” Task types for all Security system...

Rishi by Saviynt Employee
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Single Sign-on Best Practices

TitleSingle Sign-on Best PracticesShort DescriptionAs SSO setup is key while starting the IGA Journey. This document provides an overview of the best practices while configuring the SSO to offer a seamless experience to the end users.Applicable versi...

SAV Role

Short DescriptionBest practice to configure custom SAV RolesApplicable versionEIC versions (2021.x and above)Detail best practiceOut of box SAV RolesMake use of out of box wherever applicable instead of creating custom SAV rolesThe ROLE_ADMIN should ...

Rishi by Saviynt Employee
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Access Requests – Common issues and possible solutions

Short DescriptionGuide to address most common issues and possible solutions while configuring Access Requests.Applicable versionAllDetail best practiceA specific tile on the ARS page is not visible for a SAV Role (applicable to versions before EIC)Ch...

Best practice for Custom Request forms and dynamic attribute

Short DescriptionSaviynt solution can be extended by making use of dynamic attributes, to support creation of custom application request form to capture the fields/data by the end user while raising a access request.  Dynamic attribute enables the im...

Orphan Accounts Management

Short Description - Orphan accounts can pose a serious security challenge for your organization. They are unattended , disown accounts who might have sensitive access assigned to them. We need to regular monitoring and appropriate handling of these a...

SAgrahari by Saviynt Employee
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Schema based/File based Import Best Practices

Short DescriptionThis document provides an overview of best practices for schema import jobApplicable versionV5.5sp3.x & EICDetail best practiceEnsure to keep the schema file clean as the import picks up all the sav files present in the location duri...

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