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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Short Description

This document provides an overview of best practices for schema import job

Applicable version

V5.5sp3.x & EIC

Detail best practice

  1. Ensure to keep the schema file clean as the import picks up all the sav files present in the location during the import. In case there is unneeded .sav files present, the job will try to process it and will fail with error.
  2. Configure the email template in the schema file to receive alerts in case of job failure.
  3. Leverage Inline preprocessing for user data transformation by defining MODIFYUSERDATAJSON parameter in schema file. Refer inline processing best practice document for details. 
  4. Ensure to have the naming convention ends with Users incase of multiple schema files for user import (eg. Saviyntusers.sav, Workdayusers.sav)

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