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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Short Description - The detective job ( DetectiveProvisioningRulesJob ) is a resource intensive job and has performance implications if its not used effectively.

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Detailed best practice

We should avoid scheduling detective Job for regular policy evaluation. Lets understand one use case which can be achieved without using detective Job .

Use case - I want to run the user update rule for time bound changes and fire appropriate action. Rule needs to be fired when user's  contract end date is in next 2 day.

Solution - We need to setup Saviynt for Saviynt connection and update User's a custom property

( for example CP50 = Endate2Days) when user's contract end date is in next 2 days. The Saviynt for Saviynt job will check for end date and update CP50 based on no of days remaining.

A user update rule will detect the changes in CP50 and invoke the appropriate action when rule is evaluated.

This solution will help you to invoke time bound User update rule without using detective job and avoid any performance implication in your implementation.


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Impact - Key benefits - Quantitative/qualitative benefits

Reduced usage of detective job will lead to fewer operational issues


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