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Participation Guidelines

Community Manager
Community Manager

The guiding principles behind the Saviynt Forums are designed to provide a welcoming environment and to help set-up our users for success. 

Hard Rules:

Be Courteous. We are all here to learn and help each other. You should be aware that Community members have different levels of technical experience and familiarity. Please comment with the intention to promote productive conversation and to provide assistance. 

Stay on Topic. If your comment differs from the original post/thread, search the Community or feel free to create a new post and share more about it there.

We Do Not Tolerate Harassment or Abuse. This includes personal attacks, trolling, threats to anyone’s health or safety, and hate speech including – but not limited to slurs against race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, disability, sexual orientation gender identity or political affiliation. 

Respect the Employees. They are here to help you and others to enjoy a welcoming and productive environment. Please be nice and engage politely.

Help with the Integrity of Community. All members have a role in protecting the integrity of the Community and ensuring it remains as helpful as possible.  If you observe any of these rules being violated, please let us know.  You can report content by clicking the three dots in the top right of the post, selecting “Report Inappropriate Content”, then completing the information and submitting.

We thank you for being here and participating on the Saviynt Forums.