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Saviynt Employee


How to set 'Owner on Terminate' as Manager's manager


In Latest versions(v2022+), we have a drop down available for selecting owner on terminate as user, manager, secondary manager etc.,. In this case, if we populate manager's manager value in secondary manager either With the help of preprocessor during import or by directly mapping user manager's manager to secondary manager during user import, then we can select 'Owner on terminate' as secondary manager. This would make the manager's manager as owner or terminate for the user. Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 3.42.28 PM.png

However, in older version(5.5SP3.12 prior), we do not have option to select from the dropdown for Owner on terminate. In this case, we can build an analytics control to return manager's manager and directly update the owner terminate with manager's manager using CSV upload.

Once the owner on terminate is set, you can create the corresponding user update rules to transfer ownership of objects when the user is terminated.


Is this per user ? How to set globally and how to ensure its updated automatically after every update on user via ui/import/ api etc


@pruthvi_t can we have sample preprocessor where we populate manager's manager value in secondary manager.

Also the preprocessor for assigning Owner on Terminate as Manager or Secondary Manager?

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