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Workflow issue

Hello,I`m using below condition :(endpoints.endpointname.contains('abc') eq true) orendpoints.customproperty1 eq 'Yes'If endpoint name is abc or endpoint customproperty 1 is yes then it should follow 1 level of approval or else 2 level.If I use the c...

Aniketk by New Contributor
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Displayname and DN generation issues

Hi all,We are experiencing an issue around the DN getting populated for the users with similar firstname /lastname .One of the newly created user had similar firstname /lastname .We observed ,it did not add a numeric to the CN of the new user,Hence p...

sundas7 by Regular Contributor
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Updating Technical Rule

Hi,If we edit any technical rule, we have observed that the user update rule which is calling that technical rule gets impacted. It did not get triggered. To sort this, we have to remove and add back again the edited technical rule for all User updat...

Resolved! Unable to Upload Entitlement Owners

Good Morning,I've been trying to get an entitlement owner upload to work to add an owner - but can't identify if I'm doing something wrong or if there is an overarching error. I've attached what I've been uploading and then selecting the correct colu...

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angela by New Contributor III
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Resolved! User Update Rule

Hi,We are trying to implement one User Update rule which should look like below-(a.leaveStatus is updated or is updated)AND a.customproperty15='XYZ'As our version is old, it doesn't allow to put parenthesis as we requiredHence we are using Ad...

Sakshi28 by New Contributor II
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Splunk TA Install with Default Input

We are installing the Saviynt TA to our client's Splunk Cloud instance. The Splunk admin team wanted to check if  the inputs can be disabled within the default inputs.conf. The reason for this is if it were to be installed with those inputs enabled, ...

udiptaroy by New Contributor
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Purge the Saviynt schema Job csv files

Hello,We have a daily job with Schema based import.   Can you help on below. 1. How to purge the success and Failed folders files, We need to set retain only 3 months of data files?2. How to delete the a file inside DATA file, when rare cases they sa...

bala by New Contributor II
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Email Lookup in AD

Hi Guys,I have a requirement to do an Email Lookup in AD, Before Generating a Unique email in the Saviynt. Not sure how we can achieve that. We are just importing the users from specific OU. But we have to create a unique email from the whole domain.

sppnra by New Contributor
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Resolved! SchemaUserJob with JSON modification

Hi,I'm trying to import users with the schemauserjob that is well working for basic user import.But, I need to make pre process on these with some json code. From the sample of the freshdesk I see that it's possible:But when I have this line as last ...

QNeumayer by New Contributor
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AD Provisioning issue

Hi,I get the below error while Provisioning access to AD. AD account is created successfully but the entitlement is not getting assigned.Error:Error while ADD operation for account-_____ to Group-___________ in AD - [LDAP: error code 32 - 0000208D: N...

HarishG by New Contributor II
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Provisioning issues

Hi,I am getting the below errors while provisioning the entitlements for AD and Saviynt. Accounts assignment tasks are getting competed but the entitlement tasks are not getting completedAD:Error while ADD operation for account-XXXX to Group-Entitlem...

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HarishG by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Handle Account Types

Hi Team,This is our requirement. We have a connection for Active Directory.  Which brings all Accounts from Active directory. Say for example it brings Primary Account, Admin Account and Service Accounts.   Admin and Service Accounts are created dire...

bala by New Contributor II
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Resolved! User update rule update in ui

Hi,we are tryng to test this user update rule ' User update in UI - Assigned accounts update' but it doesn't work correctly.In particular when we test this rule, the 5th line does not work. If we go to make the changes on a user who has an organizati...

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ImportUserJson failing with Multicall

Hi,We are running the Import User Json and have used multicall in the user import but it executes call 1 repeatedly (4 times) and does not execute call 2.In postman we can hit both the urls separately thoughGiven below is the Import user json.{"type"...

AshishDas by Regular Contributor
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