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Need Clarification on Dataset APIs

Hi,I need to store an attribute value in a dataset and utilize that in the create/update user form. Additionally i need to sync data between the source and the dataset daily using a custom JAR to call Saviynt dataset APIs.For uploading dataset value ...

gokul by New Contributor III
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Provisioning Job Failing : Error code 65

Greetings,I am facing an error while requesting for an AD app and unable to resolve it.The account gets provisioned but not the groups/entitlements with it.The error is displayed in comments of the pending task. Existing comments : [02-21-2024 14:03:...

mirani by New Contributor III
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Crowdstrike Connector Issue

We are having issues provisioning access in crowdstrike. This is the Add Access JSON that we have.Any inputs on what is wrong?Thanks,Nikita {     "call": [{         "name": "Capability",         "connection": "acctAuth",         "showResponse": true,...

nikita by New Contributor
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Provisioning to SAP Solution Manager

Hello, we are trying to integrate Saviynt with SAP system using the OOTB SAP connector. We are able to import the data but unable to provision any account. There are no error logs and we do not know even if Saviynt is able to make the call. Provision...

manu by New Contributor III
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Rest connector Issue

Hi,Below is our requirement.The createUser POST URL is:https://{{host}}/auth/v1/companies/{{companyId}}/userscompanyID is a dynamic attribute (single select)Upon successful request, user gets the account for companyID "A".Suppose, next time the same ...

Salesforce Contact Creation

When we create Contact in Salesforce through Saviynt even though the contact gets created in Salesforce as desired, the status of the provisioning task is marked Completed  but status shows as Error and i get below comment in Provisioning Comments. "...

BT by New Contributor III
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Status changing issue in ServiceNow

Hi Team,We raised an Entitlement/Roles request from ServiceNow, and tasks were created and completed in Saviynt, but still the request status is "OPEN" in ServiceNow instead of "completed."Do we need to run any job?Please help us to resolve this issu...

saimeghana by Regular Contributor
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Failed to Connect LDAPS

Hi. I fail to connect LDAPS connection. Below is the log. javax.naming.CommunicationException: kawa-ad3.kaw-sav3.co.jp:636 [Root exception is javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPath...

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KK by Regular Contributor
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Provisioning job not getting completed

Hi All ,I am trying to provision the account request from ARS to one of the SAP applications. The requests are getting submitted and pending tasks are getting created. but the provisioning job is getting stuck and is not picking up the pending tasks....

sp by New Contributor
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Need help in Pre hire scenario

Hi,We have a pre-hire scenario which goes like(There are 2 parallel things at a time): Flow 1:We are using two HRMS systems: ADP and SmartRecruiters. The flow is like this: when there is a decision of a new hire, then the candidate accepts the offer ...

REST - Issue with RemoveAccessJson

Hello,For removing group for a user , I need to call update API and pass the existing members of the group after removing the user from the list. I am making 2 calls, 1st to get the group details and 2nd to update the group. Now, even though I am usi...

piyushm by Regular Contributor II
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Trigger Chain job skips one job

Hi,We have a trigger chain job that has 6 different jobs (imports and analytic jobs). Our problem is that the trigger chain always skips the fifth job. But when we run the fifth job manually/individually it works just as expected. We also can't reall...

ekorh by Regular Contributor
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Need regex for below password policy

Requirement:1. Best practice is to include alpha, numeric and special characters, upper-case and lower-casecharacters.2. password should be created with a pre-fix of $0 and exclude uppercase and lower case I O L as well as exclude the following speci...

Diptansu11 by New Contributor III
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