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SaviyntForSaviynt REST

Hi,I am trying to configure SaviyntForSaviynt REST based. I could see that whatever payload I am specifying in the Connection JSON, I always get a "Connection Succeeded" message. Whether the URL is correct or not, whether the credentials are correct ...

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varunpuri by New Contributor III
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Connecting to Adobe using JWT

We need to connect to Adobe User Management API using JWT authentication. However, to get the JWT token, we need to get the private key and certificate which expires every day. Hence, we want to know if it's feasible to get the private key dynamicall...

REST Entitlements Importing issue

Hi,We are importing entitlementsPostman response (attached full response )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Importentjosn~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "entitlementParams": {"processingType": "SequentialAndIterative","entTypes": {"Entitlements13": {"entTypeOrder": 0,"call"...

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IAM_99 by Regular Contributor II
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Azure RemoveAccess is failing

Hi Team,We are trying to remove the entitlement and it's privilege through the user update rule , the following is the error we are getting  {"log":"2023-03-02 05:35:28,298 [quartzScheduler_Worker-10] DEBUG rest.RestProvisioningService - Default Priv...

ImportUserJson failing with Multicall

Hi,We are running the Import User Json and have used multicall in the user import but it executes call 1 repeatedly (4 times) and does not execute call 2.In postman we can hit both the urls separately thoughGiven below is the Import user json.{"type"...

AshishDas by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! ImportAccountEntJSON

Hello guys, I've been working more on the Saviynt4Saviynt REST Connector for some improvements, but I would need your help on doing Account to Entitlements Mapping :  Currently, the attached ImportAccountEntJSON works for importing users as accounts ...


Resolved! REST Connector Import- Pagination issue

Hi ,We have REST Connector - implementing account import pagination logic, but its not pulling second page. "pagination": {"nextUrl": {"nextUrlPath": "${(response?.completeResponseMap?.numberOfElements < response?.completeResponseMap?.size)?null:'htt...

IAM_99 by Regular Contributor II
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Resolved! ImportAccountEntJSON - Exception in converting responseText to Map

We are trying to simply import account guid's with the response in the following format:{    "Rsp": {        "Status": "Ok",        "Result": [            {                "Guid": "36165265-7a83-4619-88fa-00003a9f96a9"            },            {     ...

Resolved! Passing ARS Form Comments in JSON

Hi, We have a requirement as below Connector Type: REST Need help on passing ARS Comments in JSON. We tried below syntax's but didn't work,   --> tasks.comments  --> task.comments  --> task.requestKey.comments  --> arsTasks.requestKey.comments  --> r...

Resolved! CSV Uploads for Schema Jobs

Looking for the best option to automatically upload CSVs to a Savynt instance with which to parse with Schema jobs?Does the API have an upload method to push CSVs into Datafiles?ThanksSB  

SBUK by New Contributor III
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Resolved! FreshDesk as Managed Application

Hi Team,We are looking forward to integrate our SSM with Freshdesk system.While referring to documentation : json  provided f...

Manu269 by All-Star
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