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Enhanced query execution job

Hi I am trying to create a enhanced query execution job, but I could not find the parameters for it in document. I tried the CustomQueryJob but it did not help. Any suggestion? Regards, Lynn[This message has been edited to move comment to its own pos...

Lynn by New Contributor III
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SAP HR job run failure

Hi Team,We have a successful connection established for the SAP HR application in our sandbox environment. Also, we have created a user import job run (User Import via a Connection (UserImportJob)) for this connector. However, on running this job we ...

SAP Usage Data Missing

We are trying to import the usage data for normal user accounts to be able to role mine based on usage.We are including SWNCMONIINDEX in the import tables:USR02,USRACL,USR06,TSTC,TSTCT,AGR_AGRS,AGR_TEXTS,AGR_DEFINE,AGR_USERS,USORG,UST04,AGR_1252,AGR_...

JohnLawson_0-1720557357741.png JohnLawson_0-1720557763022.png
JohnLawson by Regular Contributor
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Enhanced query failure

I am trying to update the email template body of few emails where I can find a specific email id inside the body induced as hyperlink. I have developed a query just to check for 1 template and here it isselect name as ecmemailtemplate__primarykey, re...

tejpusal by New Contributor
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Ideal frequency for Full Import Jobs

Hi Team,We have scheduled Full application data(account/access) Jobs twice a day & each jobs takes approx 3 hours of time for completion.Although we have scheduled delta(incremental) jobs for every 1-2 hours.So my question is what should be the Ideal...

Jaya by Regular Contributor II
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Job scheduling issue

We have created one import job that runs every one hour. We have scheduled it on an hourly basis. However, the default cron expression is showing in the job details. The weird thing is that the job runs every hour except after 23:34, when it runs at ...

Screenshot 2024-06-19 1106273.png Screenshot 2024-06-19 111712.png Screenshot 2024-06-19 110448.png
anirban23 by New Contributor
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Secondary reconciliation field

Our HR import currently has been set to validate a number of attributes.During the UserImport one of the CustomProperty attributes is being set to a concatenation of multiple fields (first name, last name, date of birth), which is then checked agains...

Marcel by Regular Contributor
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Email Template not getting picked up

We have an email template already configured in connection which is used whenever a job fails.However, we have received one instance where the email template has not been picked up. Rather a autogenerated email was triggered to an inactive user with ...

Timing WSRETRY Jobs

Hi All,We have a requirement for timing WSRETRY jobs of joiner onboarding lifecycle. 1. After joiners onboarding, their AD accounts shall be provisioned right after to AD2. 30 min after AD account being provisioned, provision Birthright Group A to AD...

frayang by New Contributor
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Inactivate User threshold on user import

Our customer has a use case:If 50 or less users have been deleted from the User import API (UserImportJob) during import since last import, inactivate all of these users.If more than 50 users have been deleted from the User import API (UserImportJob)...

Caesrob by Regular Contributor
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