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Split file imported by sftp

Dear All,I'm receiving one file containing accounts and entitlement via sftp. I'm able to get it but I don't know how to import account and entitlement from the same csv file via the 2 jobs: SchemaAccountImport and EntitlementValueImportJob ?Before w...

QNeumayer by New Contributor
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Resolved! PII not erased

Hello everyone.I would like to ask you about PII elimination.I am currently trying to create Analytics and Job to erase PII but without success.When I look at Analytics History, Action is still Open, so I suspect that setting Default_Action_For_Analy...

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JohnDoe by New Contributor III
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Enhanced Query Execution

Attempting to use the new Enhanced Query Execution which appears to just hide doing inserts and updates by disguising them as select statements within the logs. I keep receiving a syntax error when I preview (which then results in the window closing ...

sherbert by New Contributor
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Resolved! Updating attribute in Users table

Hi Team,I have requirement to update certain attributes (Displayname/Manager) in Users table according to some conditions. In older version I used "Customquery" job to update attributes in Users table.However, in the recent version (v23.8) the new "E...

Shreya47 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Advanced query in WSRETRY Job

Hi,There is a requirement to exclude certain applications from wsretry job and run them separately.So used below query and it worked fine in nonprod:and at.ENDPOINT not in(5,10,15,20) or at.TASKTYPE in(9)Added 'or' condition as also wanted to process...

About Execute Extension Queries

In EIC v23.1, I use "Execute Extension Queries **DEPRECATED** (CUSTOMQUERYJOB)" job type.But, this job type is mentioned as *DEPRECATED* and I don' see this job type in v23.7.How can I use Execute Extension Queries job in latest version?

KK by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Differences between Provisioning Job (WSRETRYJOB) and Single Instance Provisioning Job (WSBlockingRe

Hello.Let me ask you a question about Provisioning Job (WSRETRYJOB) and Single Instance Provisioning Job (WSBlockingRetryJob).① I don't understand the difference between them in the description.Can you tell me the difference between them and why enab...

JohnDoe by New Contributor III
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Resolved! unable to assign SAV role to users

Hi All,We are trying to assign default  ROLE_SAV_ENDUSER as Sav Role to users. We have tried configuring it in Connection level in AD in both DEFAULT_USER_ROLE attribute and Default SAV Role, also in JOB configuration we have given  Add SAV Role, not...

sairamya15 by New Contributor III
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Pausing jobs

Hi, This is with reference to EIC PROD deployment. As per new EIC prod, if we have an option to Pause all jobs and not individual jobs.  Is there a way to pause one job at a time? EIC URL: Saviynt Security Manager Login (   Thanks S...

nsapna by New Contributor II
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Scheduling An Import Job Query

Hello Team,There is a requirement that an authoritative source reconciliation job be scheduled to pick up updates from the last 7 days.As per the current configuration, we have defined CP5 in the security system to pick up updates for 24 hours only.W...

Akumar00 by New Contributor
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Custom query job deprecation

Currenlty we are on saviynt version 23.5 and we are planning to go_Live with 23.7 version. We don't have our PROD environment ready, so I have a question -  As from the release notes of 23.7 version, Custom query job will get deprecated. We have some...

TAR by New Contributor
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Query for Job Failure Report

Hello - since we don't have the ability to export the Job History Details from Job Control Panel, we need to create a report to show all job failures - can you please suggest a query to be used for this? It should just like the Job History Detail UI ...

kfoley1 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Unable to upload jar more than 10MB to saviynt

Hi,I've implemented a custom jar which needed an external jar. I've added it in Eclipse buildpath and ran the code which worked perfectly fine as a standalone. However, when i created a JOB in saviynt using the customjar and ran it, in the logs it sa...

thjyothi by New Contributor II
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Archival Job Detailed Documentation

HI Team,I found the documentation for the Archival Job -, but it doesn't have information around how many da...


Trigger chain job is not working

Hi,I created trigger chain job & trigger job as follows1. Import from DB2. Provisioning to AD3. Recon from AD to Saviynt.In the above1. Import job is working & triggering pending task.2. Provisioning job is not running.3. Recon job is running but it'...

Sekhar by New Contributor
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Alert when job doesn't run per schedule

We have a chain job for all User Imports and this chain is scheduled to run every 2 hours. Is it possible to setup an alert if a job, part of this chain does not run? We noticed that a member job using Saviynt to Saviynt connector ran only twice on a...

igaravi by Regular Contributor
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Email Based approval Job Error

Hello Team,We are trying email based request approval. Approver approve/Reject and send an email and we have confirmed reply email is present in the mailbox. Then we have run the Email based Approval Job (IncomingMailARSJob) but getting below error i...

JB by New Contributor III
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Enable Account and Update Account task for AD Provisioning is not executed at the same time

Enable Account and Update Account task for AD Provisioning is not executed at the same time by the wsretry job. In case of rehire we are creating enable account and update account tasks for AD endpoint and both task are there in pending task list for...

RanjanS by New Contributor
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LDAP Access import long duration

We have 700 groups and 10 000 accounts  in our OpenLDAP test environment. When we do an import of accounts, it takes roughly 4-5 mins to complete. However, when we run an access import job, the job duration is longer than an hour.Even though the job ...

Caesrob by New Contributor
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Resolved! AS400 duplicate entitlement

Follow the document and imported IDMWork AS400 connectorrun the job for Account and entitlementThe account was job successful The access job was giving the following issue. 1. Duplicated entitlement got created.entitlement_vaule  (like "cn=XXXXX,ou=G...