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Resolved! Dashboard in Home

We want to see Dashboard on Home page. We have added the 'ARS Dashboard', 'Dashboard List' and even 'Admin: Admin Dashboard' to the relevant SAVRole, however, we do not see the Dashboard. What other feature access do the SAVRole need to have for this...

snauni by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Sav Roles Home page issue after upgrade 24.2

Hi TeamWe are facing issue in Saviye Home page.Config:  1.without adding create user request feature access for HR Offboaring Sav Roles , we are able  to see tab's in Home page under User Management: 2.without adding Intelligence (Analytics) feature ...

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CR by Regular Contributor III
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Assign Savrole to user

hello Team,I just  that the  Users were not added to the ROLE_ENDUSER Sav Role. this is because we did not run any birthrights.We still do not want any birthrights added. What is the fastest way to add the users to the ROLE_ENDUSER Sav Role without r...

RCreddy by New Contributor
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Resolved! Sav role permission

Note: Its working, there was a delay in sync. Is there any way we can restrict /allow user to request for self, and users from same department.I tried to write advanced query in Whom to request section. But its not working as expected. Query: select ...


Resolved! Custom Sav role issue

I am trying to create a custom SAV role to view all Tasks and users tabs only.However, I can not see any tasks in a pending or completed state.to debug I give all permissions to that custom SAV role. But the issue is still there.I tried user GRP as w...

Resolved! Attestation dashboard permissions - SAV role

Hi, I've created an Attestation Admin SAV role, which can fully manage attestation campaigns. This role has an attestation dashboard which grants access to a bunch of data. Most of the tiles are click-through to analytics. These analytics have all be...

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DanJ by New Contributor III
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Tech rule not working

Hi,I have created a technical rule for customisation, I have followed the correct steps to create it. However it is not working after user update meeting the tech rule condition.Thank you,  

Bsah by New Contributor
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Resolved! If not assigned the SAV role_admin you cannot add a user to role, but you can add a role to a user

Hi, If not assigned the SAV role_admin you cannot add a user to role, but you can add a role to a user.E.g if assigned ROLE_ADMIN_COPY  which is a duplicate of role_admin when trying to add a user to a role no users are displayed to add. If you then ...

SAV role functionality for monitoring

Hi Team,We want a new SAV role for monitoring purposes. We have a SAV role that is a copy of ROLE_ADMIN, and it is read-only access; however, with this role, we are not able to view the connection tab, application logs, or some other modules as well....

ssingh16 by New Contributor III
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Sav role importing under Endpoint

Hi All,We have a requirement to request Admin sav role within Saviynt using ARS . Our saviynt version is V23.4. I have used a rest connector for provisioning and deprovisioning of sav roles via endpoint. It is working as expected. But when I try to r...

Resolved! Manage Delegates Access Denied Error

Hello Everyone,We are facing an issue where any user with an end user SavRole tries to access the "Manage Delegate" page an Access Denied error is thrown. They are able to navigate to the Create Delegates page via the the side panel on left with end ...

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chandu_k09 by New Contributor III
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Sav Role with minimum SOD feature

Hi All,We have client requirement where we need minimum features of a SAV role that allows user to take action on any SOD Violation from SOD workbench irrespective of risk owner(like admin but just for risk).Let us know how to achieve this .Thanks,

ssharma0-7 by New Contributor
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Enabling Time Bound requests for SAV Roles

Hi Guys, I've configured sav4sav connection, fetched all users and entitlements and created workflow to allow me request for SAV Roles which is working completely fine however when I'm trying to enforce asking for Start Date End Date while Requests f...

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Soyu by New Contributor II
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Users not able see pending tasks

We have created a new savrole, where user should able to see all the pending and completed tasks in the system and take action on them. I have below permissions added and when user clicks on pending/completed tasks he sees "No data available". Please...

NID27 by Regular Contributor
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Filtering Accounts within an Access Request

Hi,The Use case is this :If there are multiple accounts associated with a single user and those accounts belong to different logical endpoints, then within the ARS module, is it possible to filter what all accounts a user can manage, i.e. Add Access ...

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varunpuri by Regular Contributor
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Hi Team,We have a requirement to Create 2 SAV Roles.1st SAV role will be a 'Admin Readonly' role that will allow Read only access to all the modules of saviynt.2nd Sav role will be used to provide Admins some features using which they can perform day...

Facing issue in creating username generate rule

Hello,We are facing an issue while creating the username using the username generation rule. Below is the advanced configuration we are usingCONCAT(LOWER(LEFT(users.firstname, 1)),LOWER(LEFT(users.middlename, 1)),LOWER(LEFT(users.lastname, 1)),LPAD(F...

Deepu by New Contributor II
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Entitlement Owner Update SAV Role

Hi,Trying to create an SAV Role for updating the entitlements owners for all the endpoints. But it's displaying only one specific endpoint entitlement.No difference between the endpoint configuration.SAV Role Future Access:Any leads will be greatly a...

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jsatish by Regular Contributor
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