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Import AD Entitlement Owners via CSV

Hello, We are having issues getting the Upload Entitlement from CSV to work for adding Owners to AD Group Entitlements. I have tried a bunch of variations for the Security System (Sec System name and Display name), Endpoint (Endpoint Name and Display...

aidanryan by New Contributor III
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SFTP File Upload

Hi,We have a SFTP connector, which downloads userImport file and imports users. We have a requirement to send back few attributes to SFTP location in CSV format.What could be the best practice to implement this? Best regards,Harish

HarishG by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Change Label in Upload User Preview

Hi Team, We want to change the label for attribute while uploading the user via CSV import. Where we can make this changes in the Manage Label I am not getting exact attribute name. Instead of 'Customproperty5' we have to show here 'ActionType'

gwagh by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Import AD Groups from multiple OUs

Hi everyone,Is it possible to import AD groups from multiple OUs?Could it be possible by specifying in the groupSearchBaseDN multiple OUs from where Saviynt is going to start importing the AD groups and how should be the syntax to do it?For example:I...

aarenal by New Contributor
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Resolved! Active Directory Entitlement Import

Hello,in the connection for Active Directory, in groupImportMapping, is it possible to add conditions to the mapping?For example, I would like to import the description from AD into entitlement_glossary in Saviynt, but only write it in Saviynt if the...

TimoR by New Contributor III
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mapping enddate from HR to saviynt issue

we added this for the ENDDATE:  "ENDDATE": "EndDate~#~datetime" but Saviynt is not updating the field.  So we tested with "CUSTOMPROPERTY57": "EndDate~#~datetime" to know if we can get something and we do receive the value in CP57.  Do you have any i...

thesvg by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Can End Date be set to a static value

Hi Everyone,We are trying to set enddate of users to a static value such as "31/12/2025" for some users.We tried with the following query "UPDATE USERS SET enddate = DATE_FORMAT(STR_TO_DATE(31/12/2025, '%d/%m/%Y'),'%m/%d/%Y') where enddate is null or...

Prithviraj by New Contributor II
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Resolved! MODIFYUSERDATAJSON date filtering issue

Hello,  I've created an Rest connector to perform saviynt API call and modify identity data the importUserJson is working fine :  i've filtered it first on my test identity :  {"connection":"userAuth","url":"

Hsoumare by New Contributor III
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workday custom attribute mapping

we are starting with workday integration with saviynt and we are unable to fetch the custom attribute value  from Workday .we are using the below mapping we dont see any error in the logs also the Workday user import job is successful."CITY": "Worker...

Aparna by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Query Current Job Name

Hi All!We would like to start a user import from 2 different jobs: one for full import, one for incremental.The REST API connecting our HR system allows ur to query all users, or all users that have been modified since a certain date.To be able to do...

AlexL by New Contributor
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User termination based on their timezone

We have a requirement where we need to terminate users at a specific local time(let's say 5pm) on their enddate.We got few approach in this forum based on Sav4Sav route.We had one alternate approach to this. Just wanted it checked with a wider forum....

vm by New Contributor III
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Workday users import with futur events

Hello all,I have workday source of truth. i am only reading from workday (it is a one way connection). I imported all the users with the attriutes required.i noticed an issue while testing, my client declared an offboarding for a user he set terminat...

ray by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Omit values shown in User Update History

Hi,is there a way to omit changes made to specific attributes in the User Update History?We have a an userimport configured to import data to users that are updated every day which we require for an integration. This causes the update history to be f...

RoniYla by New Contributor
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Workday Access Import using Hybrid connector

Team,We are trying to import access from Workday using Workday hybrid connector. As part of this we defined the ACCESS_IMPORT_LIST to Organizational Role and executed the import. The access import has been failing with below error,"java.lang.NullPoin...

PB1 by New Contributor II
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Empty columns in UserImport

Hi,If we are having first column as empty value in the import file, it is failing to import the record.  Is it normal behaviour ? or is it a bug??Attached the import file for referenceBest regards,Harish 

HarishG_1-1711628830613.png HarishG_0-1711628816254.png
HarishG by Regular Contributor
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