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Okta provides something like Workday Real Time Sync to trigger an update from Workday to Okta in real time  - Saviynt provide such capability or have plans to provide...
When Requesting access for others, in user list page below are the columns that are currently visible. I want to include one more column Employee Class. Is it configurable?-Siva
I have a scenario where a user has multiple Manually Suspended accounts in the same endpoint and when a certain HR event is triggered, I need to enable only a specific account whose accounts.customproperty1=users.customproperty1Is it possible with us...
Can I get a sample jar to try with Custom Action in User Update rules?-Siva
I would like to rename certain technical rules and user update rules. Is there any implication in doing so or is it better to inactive the current rule and create a new one altogether?I have seen the triggered rule gets displayed in user update histo...
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