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Notification in Micorsoft Teams

Hi Team,Can we send out a notification on Microsoft Teams where there is a request pending Approval? Is that possible? Did any configure it? Let me know how to achieve it.I read through

Resolved! UTC Date Format for Rest Connector

Hi,We are trying to pull data via rest connector for increment user import. However, the lastupdatedate format which we have in the target is in UTC format and we aren't able to resolve the new Date function in Saviynt.Below is the url, which we have...

AshishDas by Regular Contributor II
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New Account Provisioning Threshold

Hi,We had a situation arise where a few new accounts were not being provisioned due to them already existing in Active Directory. Other new account tasks came through and were also not being provisioned despite not existing in AD, but once the older ...

msteeves by New Contributor II
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Duplicate email sent for Disconnected application - Create Account, Add Access and remove account

Hi Team,We configured notification at  disconnected application endpoint on task creation event. We have to configure notification at endpoint only as this application is part of enterprise role. Hence unable to attach notification at application wor...

sbidarkote by New Contributor II
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Removing Existing Entitlement

Hi Folks,We are trying to add entitlement dynamically using technical rule, in Entitlement Type we have selected to create removal task for existing entitlement for the endpoint, but it doesn't work when the rule runs it only creates Add access task,...

n1khil by New Contributor
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Resolved! Saviyntapp in SNOW Request Process

Hello,After opening a catalog request in the Saviynt app in SNOW, at what point does that request gets into Saviynt? As a note, the request and approvals are done in SNOW. So does Saviynt immediately open a corresponding request in the ARS page (for ...

GOE by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Even after the object is being created in target, task remains in pending tasks

Hello,Hope you're doing good!We're facing one issue while processing new account and add access tasks. When tried to give taskkeys for new account and add access tasks it creates account in the target but task remains in pending tasks only and add ac...

Update ServiceNow request/task from Saviynt

Hi,We have a use case in our project to update ServiceNow tickets/tasks. When an enterprise role is requested, add access tasks get triggered for the entitlements part of the role. I am aware that we can create corresponding tasks in ServiceNow whene...

aksharkay by New Contributor
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Resolved! Global Config Changelog

We have a need to view a history of when and by who changes in our global configuration were made.  I do not see a view history option within Global Config.  Is it possible to see a history of config changes?If not, this is an oversight and an audit ...

Resolved! SOAP connector how to execute grant access tasks based on entitlement type

HelloIn my use case, I have two entitlement type as "roles" and "groups". In the enterprise role that provides these entitlements we are going to have 1 role and multiple groups. The roles have one authority profile links with them. so roleA will hav...