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Is it possible to block users from requesting entitlement that belongs to only to their department?I tried with the department filter but a user can select the entitlement even before selecting the department.   which allows him to request for all en...
Hi all,I'm curious to understand this Endpoint filter feature in Ad connection.  I have refered this section: But Quite did...
Can we Edit ARS request once submitted for approval? How can we enable this and what happens if the request has already been approved by few people(in case of multi-level approval workflow). Will it start again from the 1st block? and continues from ...
Can someone help me to understand Why do we require SOD monitor job, what are we monitoring using this job, when we already know status of all violations from SOD workbench.  I quite didn't understand the use of this job.
Hi all, Can we setup delegates for others, if yes, what are the configuration changes we need to set up.
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