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Resolved! How to monintor the events in Saviynt

Hello Team,Our client has a requirement to create tickets in the following cases:1. When the connection to a specific target is broken.2. When a specific job failed.3. Too many pending tasks in the Queue.Is there any best practise on how to monitor t...

Lynn by New Contributor II
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Cleanup of account Risks

We have a requirement to do cleanup of accounts. Could you please help with the ways how saviynt performs cleanup of accounts from Backend. Is it done via query of file upload? Also, can the risks involved with cleanup be mentioned?

Kaushik1 by New Contributor
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Resolved! UTC Date Format for Rest Connector

Hi,We are trying to pull data via rest connector for increment user import. However, the lastupdatedate format which we have in the target is in UTC format and we aren't able to resolve the new Date function in Saviynt.Below is the url, which we have...

AshishDas by Regular Contributor II
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Account recon job getting stuck

The recon job in production from DB endpoint is getting stuck- once started, it runs until the server is restarted and no accounts are updated. We have about 77k records in the target. The same query is working fine in the lower environment, which ha...

Resolved! Custom tile

Hello, I am trying to add a custom tile, similar to the one in the image, to the dashboard. However, when I try to save the tile, it is not saving. Can you please help me with fixing this issue. Thanks

Deepu by New Contributor II
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