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Resolved! Salesforce SQL Error

I am getting the following error when running an import job  and not sure how to resolve:You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '='UserPermissionsMarketing...

cdavis2 by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Omit values shown in User Update History

Hi,is there a way to omit changes made to specific attributes in the User Update History?We have a an userimport configured to import data to users that are updated every day which we require for an integration. This causes the update history to be f...

RoniYla by New Contributor
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Resolved! Login failed audits

Dear community, My company is requesting to have audit logs for our Saviynt tool such as Logins (both success and failed) with username, timestamp, IPaddress...From the tool, I was able to find the feature Admin Functions -> Saviynt Usage where you c...

FranciscoS by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Custom Sav role issue

I am trying to create a custom SAV role to view all Tasks and users tabs only.However, I can not see any tasks in a pending or completed debug I give all permissions to that custom SAV role. But the issue is still there.I tried user GRP as w...

utkarshING by New Contributor III
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Monitoring the configs changes in Saviynt EIC

We need to monitor critical configs to avoid system failure and also to keep a track for audit purpose.We have checked in audit logs where we did not found and we need more details for below configs.Monitoring changes on any of the SMTP settingsMonit...

PKSAKS by New Contributor III
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Import job Failure without response

Hello Team,After we upgraded to EIC, we've been encountered a problem with Import failure.I was told when memory got pitched, the current running Instance will be restarted and It got rotated over to another instance in ready.Meanwhile, A job running...

Joon by Regular Contributor II
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Resolved! Pulling activity logs for ARS

Hello,I was getting activity logs by the SQL below but found It won't be including request history.Is there anyway that we could get some logs of ARS in this query ? select ua.ACCESSTIME as 'Event Time',ua.TYPEOFACCESS as 'Object Type',ua.ActionType ...

Joon by Regular Contributor II
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Using REST conn to run PS Script, task closes but looks like script doesn't execute?

Hi, I am having an issue where I am using the REST connection and updatesUserJson in there to make a rest call to the saviynt app on a windows server to execute some powershell script. Test Connection works and I am able to trigger the script using t...

Logging Configuration

Hi there, Notice configuring Logger is deprecated from Release v5.5 SP3.10 onwards.Wondering if there any other options we can enable/disable certain audit loggings? For example, how could I enable/disable job scheduling change logs?Thank you,SY

shyue by New Contributor
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Resolved! How to monintor the events in Saviynt

Hello Team,Our client has a requirement to create tickets in the following cases:1. When the connection to a specific target is broken.2. When a specific job failed.3. Too many pending tasks in the Queue.Is there any best practise on how to monitor t...

Lynn by New Contributor III
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Runtime Analytics to be Ingested by Splunk

We are working to get proper alerting on generated tasks and job health in Splunk using Runtime Analytics in Saviynt.I was just curious what else everyone is monitoring in their own environment so we can expand our coverage. Any analytics that you ha...

msteeves by New Contributor II
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Saviynt Azure AD Monitoring

I am looking for capability in Saviynt that can monitor Azure AD users and flag ones that were not created by Saviynt. Does anyone know if Saviynt has the capability and if so where it exists. 

Hindrance by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Saviynt - Servicenow Auditing Integration

Hi Everyone,Has anyone tried/performed ServiceNow as audit system integration ?We have a requirement where we need to be able to log audit ticket into ServiceNow for any activities happening at Saviynt.Example, add Account, disable account, add acces...

Swapnali by New Contributor
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Custom Jar Logger Configuration

Hello Team,We are developing a custom jar for a client implementation and wanted to check on how to configure logs to be displayed on Saviynt Log Viewer UI. We tried the sysout (System.out.println()) way as recommended on other similar threads, but w...

Resolved! APM Server transport error (ECONNREFUSED)

Hi Any idea about possible reasons of  this error message in saviynt logs, generated every ~30 seconds"APM Server transport error (ECONNREFUSED): connect ECONNREFUSED"Please let me know if you need any further information.RegardsGaurav

GauravJain by Regular Contributor
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Splunk and EIC Integration: Require Recommendations on Monitoring Audit Logs and Alert Triggers

Hi,We are working on the integration of Splunk with Saviynt EIC, designed to enhance the monitoring and management of audit logs within the Saviynt platform.To ensure optimal results and a streamlined workflow, it is important to follow best practice...

Resolved! What is uration ?

Set up a usage analytics within Saviynt and was confused about what "uration" is ?What is it ?   { "Action Taken": "", "IP Address": "<ip address>", "Event Time": "2023-07-31 09:45:09", "Message":...

Log retention policy for V23.6

Hi,We need the details about log retention policy on SSM V23.6 and how long we can have the logs available Elastic Container and S3 bucket.We need the details specific to V23.6. 

AP2 by New Contributor
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