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Job History Details - TRIGGER TYPE

Hello All,We are supporting 1 customer and were asked with following questions associated with Job History Details.Also we were unable to find much on Documentation Portal.Hence looking for information here.1. What are various type of Trigger type an...

Manu269 by All-Star
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Custom Jar Logging - Saviynt V23.4

Hi All,We have been recently upgraded to Saviynt V23.4. After the upgrade, we noticed that the System.out.println statements which we had in our Custom Jar were not getting printed in the ECM Logger View.We have been informed by the PS team that syst...

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ssrnitish by New Contributor
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Term and Zero Day Limit Notifications

Hello,Is there a way to trigger notifications/alerts when we've reached term or zero day limit on user import? My understanding is that task are not even generated at all once we've gone over the threshold, so having some form of notification would b...

GOE by Regular Contributor
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