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Pass urlencoded data in API body

HI team,I am trying to create account using API and i am few issuesAPI is working fine from Postman but not from saviynt. Body of the API call is url encoded and data is sent in arrays. Can some one help me in CreateAccount Json built with the help o...


Resolved! Win PS Connector, more questions

We have set up the Win PS Connector according to the doc from freshdesk, but when we try to connect to it we get a 500 error.  The URL is "", but looking at the server, the SaviyntApp directory under...

tim_weaver by New Contributor II
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Increase SAP Function Module Call Timeout

Hi,we are implementing SAP HCM user import via function module, but full import is running into timeout:stdout F 2023-03-13 10:38:46,502 [quartzScheduler_Worker-8] ERROR integration.SapDataImportService - Exception - Function XXX call execution timed...

ASA by Regular Contributor
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WIN-PS Connect IIS error 404.15

I have followed the doccumentation Understanding the Integration between EIC and Windows Server ('m getting this error, when i try to open the SaviyntApp trough IIS Mananager, HTTP Error 404.15 - Not FoundThe request filtering modul...

Mapping attribute on soap CONNECTOR

Hi,I'm using the SOAP connector for one of my integrations with Saviynt. 'ValidFrom' attribute is mapped to saviynt accounts table from 'StartDate' attribute from Response.ACCOUNTS_IMPORT_JSON{"CONNECTION1": "clientnamewebservice","REQUESTXML1": "<so...

RMohanty by New Contributor
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SaviyntForSaviynt REST

Hi,I am trying to configure SaviyntForSaviynt REST based. I could see that whatever payload I am specifying in the Connection JSON, I always get a "Connection Succeeded" message. Whether the URL is correct or not, whether the credentials are correct ...

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varunpuri by New Contributor III
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CHECKFORUNIQUE is not triggered

Hello, i am tryng to use CHECKFORUNIQUE json in AD connection but is not getting triggered. In task I saw an error that account with same accountName is existing in AD (I created few user object in AD with the same account name and UPN as testing use...

Oracle IDCS Integration with EIC

Hi All,We are looking forward to integrated OIDCS with EIC for Account and Access Management.If someone has working json for AccountEntImport JSON please share.Seems Issue with :

Manu269 by All-Star
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importaccountEnt json throwing 401 error

Hello All,I was trying to import users using API but encountered verify-failed(401) error.The API for target's DEV environment works fine.but the API for target's Prod returns 401 when I tried to import accounts meanwhile Headers, configs and anythin...

Joon by New Contributor III
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Why Request New Account is not allowed?

Hello Team,When I request an account for my self. it is not allowed because I already have an account. but my account list is empty, I don't actually have the request application account. What settings block me for the request? How can I configure it...

IAMI by New Contributor II
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Win-PS ExchangeOnline loses connection

We have an Office365 connection configured to POST to Win-PS and execute PowerShell to change mailbox properties. The powershell payload sent over to Win-PS downloads a PS1 file from our own hosted URL and executes it with our specified parameters. W...

KenKoch by New Contributor II
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Azure RemoveAccess is failing

Hi Team,We are trying to remove the entitlement and it's privilege through the user update rule , the following is the error we are getting  {"log":"2023-03-02 05:35:28,298 [quartzScheduler_Worker-10] DEBUG rest.RestProvisioningService - Default Priv...