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SFTP File Upload

Hi,We have a SFTP connector, which downloads userImport file and imports users. We have a requirement to send back few attributes to SFTP location in CSV format.What could be the best practice to implement this? Best regards,Harish

HarishG by Regular Contributor
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Understanding Microsoft 365 Connector

Hi everyone, I'm having a hard time understanding why we need to set up an on-prem server to manage a cloud feature (SharePoint Online) via Savinyt (SaaS). Connector Architecture ( would like to be able to manage access to SharePoi...

Murmur by Regular Contributor II
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Resolved! Import AD Groups from multiple OUs

Hi everyone,Is it possible to import AD groups from multiple OUs?Could it be possible by specifying in the groupSearchBaseDN multiple OUs from where Saviynt is going to start importing the AD groups and how should be the syntax to do it?For example:I...

aarenal by New Contributor
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SNOW as Ticketing System

 Hi Team,Connector Type: RestVersion: v24.3JSON attached for referenceCurrent Scenario:1. In Saviynt, I submit a Request for an Application-A by adding 4 Entitlements.2. Then Saviynt creates 4 Add-Access Tasks.3. Then, after running WSRERTY job, Savi...

Substring in AD groupImportMapping

Hi Team,We are currently using managedBy to retrieve owners from AD. We have two different types of IDs in AD and have two different endpoints to manage those lets call endpoint A & endpoint B. All the group owners set in AD are IDs which beloing to ...

Amar_Simha by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Active Directory Entitlement Import

Hello,in the connection for Active Directory, in groupImportMapping, is it possible to add conditions to the mapping?For example, I would like to import the description from AD into entitlement_glossary in Saviynt, but only write it in Saviynt if the...

TimoR by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Modify JSON keeps Updating value

Hello All,I want to set CP20 to UUID of users which are getting access to specific application, when I am putting query like below, it keeps Updating the CP20 though its one time activity I want to do for each user, of course new user it may need to ...

mbh_it by Regular Contributor II
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can't update AD account

Hello,I have run a create update account task on the AD connector, however when the provisioning job executes I get this error:Error while update account in AD : { "status": "Failure", "failedObjects": [ { "id": "CN=upgrade\\", "status": "Failure", "...

saoual_1-1709742914071.png saoual_0-1709742869434.png
saoual by New Contributor
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mapping enddate from HR to saviynt issue

we added this for the ENDDATE:  "ENDDATE": "EndDate~#~datetime" but Saviynt is not updating the field.  So we tested with "CUSTOMPROPERTY57": "EndDate~#~datetime" to know if we can get something and we do receive the value in CP57.  Do you have any i...

thesvg by New Contributor III
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