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User Update Rule to trigger user manager certification when the end date of the user is 8 days away.

Hi, I am trying to create a user update rule that triggers a certification when the end date of the user is 8 days away, but the rule is unable to launch a certification campaign even though all other actions like "send an email notification" or "dep...

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Entitlement Owner Campaign

I have several questions:I need to schedule an entitlement owner campaign to run on a scheduled basis.  Each time the job runs, it creates a new campaign in preview mode.  How do you configure to activate the campaign immediately?  I don't understand...

SAP Structural Authorization

Does anyone know of anyway to utilize certification campaigns to certify structural authorization in SAP? As far as I can tell there isn't a way to determine structural auth in Saviynt but hoping someone has run into this before.

JohnLawson by Regular Contributor
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Tiered Campaign

I created a tiered campaign in which application owner campaign will review all the accounts approved/rejected by user manager campaign. During the application owner certification, where can the certifier see what action was taken by manager on these...

NirajSaraf by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Show Other Role Owners in Campaign

Is there any way to show role owners who all also owns the role in a certification campaign?I know you can show entitlement attributes, but there is no owner or certifier option:Ideally, it would show it on the entitlement info: 

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JohnLawson by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Access Role Owner Campaigns via API

I am trying to access a role owner campaign via the API and am not able to find details in the API reference guide.  I see entitlement owner, application owner, and user manager so seems odd that role owner would not be included.  Does anyone know if...

Generate User Email On company change

Hi,We have a requirement on updating user email on their change of company and need a logic or a workaround for the same.We have around 82 companies at the moment of which 77 companies have the same email domain, except the leftover 5 companies which...

AshishDas by Regular Contributor II
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Resolved! Can a entitlement owner upload a CSV/Excel file after completing the certifying

Hi Team,Please confirm whether in case of an entitlement owner campaign , an entitlement owner export the entitlements he/she needs to certify and re - upload the file after completing the certification.Or can we provide any alternative for the entit...

Debankita by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Campaign consult/reassign list shows limited users not all active users

Hello,We have NOT configured the Consult/Reassign User Query in Campaign Advanced configurations. But for most users, when they select Does not work for me, they could see a limited set of users in consult/reassign list and not all active users.I am ...

Can we pass values and call script for Disable Account for Exchange via Rest Connection

Hi,We need to disable Exchange account for a user on termination. However, that is triggered via powershell script for license disablement on exchange.We are able to pass the http params via update account json, which includes the username of the use...

AshishDas by Regular Contributor II
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Reconciliation for Shared Mailboxes

Hi,We have created Shared Mailboxes on a hybrid environment, where the shared mailboxes could be reconciled via AD reconciliation. However, we cannot see the delegates who are part of those Shared Mailboxes in AD.Is there a way to reconcile the deleg...

AshishDas by Regular Contributor II
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Multiple Select from SQL Query Not Working

Hi,I am trying to populate a field of users where multiple email users could be selected from the system in the dynamic attribute of a create users form.I am using Attribute Type as : Multiple select from SQL QueryValues : select email as ID from use...

AshishDas by Regular Contributor II
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Resolved! Dataset values more than 10000

Hi,We have around 18000 departments which we wish to populate in a dropdown in the create user form from a dataset table that we have imported.However, dataset gives us a threshold of only 10k lines of entries.Any workarounds for this use case?Can we...

AshishDas by Regular Contributor II
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Resolved! Access list of ROLE_SAV_MANAGER in 5.5 SP 3.X

Can someone please share the Access list for ROLE_SAV_MANAGER in 5.5 3.x.I am looking for Access list using which a user belonging to that SAV role can perform certifications (Attestations Menu with no Create Campaign function) and have ARS Menu with...

RV by Regular Contributor
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Reassign email is not trigerred

Hi team,Email is not getting triggered when Reassigning a certification to new certifier, Below is the email template usedUsing a default email template available at freshdesk.

sayeedaR by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Campaign Query

Hi,We have a requirement to relaunch a campaign for all users whose campaign response was ' No Response'.We have selected to revoke tasks for certified users on campaign expiry and hence, for users for whom 'No Response' was selected, we need to rela...

AshishDas by Regular Contributor II
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Assign Certifiers based specific conditions

Hi Team,We have requirement of assigning Certifiers based specific conditions for ex :if Certified User (beneficiary) is a manager (title) and Country USA- his Certifier should be Managing (title) Directorif Certified User (beneficiary) is a Develope...

IAM_99 by Regular Contributor II
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Resolved! Updating User Manager During User Manager Campaign

Hello,When a user manager assigns a user to another manager after selecting does not work for me during certification which updates the user table, how do we get that information to HR? In our scenario there is no connection between the HR system and...

GOE by Regular Contributor
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