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Update End Date in Delegation

Hi,I have ROLE_ADMIN access. I have created a delegate with Parent User as my ID and other user as Test ID. Then I created a delegate. Now, When delegate become active, i need to extend the end date it shows the below error:I have also enabled this c...

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Reopen errored task through analytics

Hi Team,We are trying below query to reopent the errored task in ARS through analytics. Please confirm if below query is good to taskkey as tasks, STATUS , provisioningtries, 'reopenTasks' as 'Default_Action_For_Analytics' from arstask...

asharma by Regular Contributor II
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Variations within Security Systems

Hello,On my current instance of Saviynt, we have 2 security systems in our connection to AD, 1 for single level approvals and the other is for 2 levels of approval. Currently, all requestswithin the single level of approval go to the entitlement owne...

JFrance by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Issue with Setting up Whom to Request

Hello Team,We have created a SAV role ROLE_MANAGER_VENDOR.I am enclosing the features assocaited with this role.This SAV role needs to be assigned to all the person who are marked as Manager for Vendor. Say for a case Manish if this person is manager...

Manu269 by All-Star
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Resolved! Dynamic Attribute type DATE in Create user

Hi,I must to setup default value for dynamic attribute TYPE: DATE in create user request for 90 days after today.In documentation, there are only two examples for current day:${currentdate.format('MM-dd-yyyy')}${new Date().format("MMM dd, yyyy")}Any ...

BG_IAM by New Contributor III
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Resolved! request stll pending

Hello, on 5.5 version, we have a strange behviourWe submited an ARS for creating an account on a Rest connector. the Request contains several dynamic attributs and 1 entitllementafterwards,We can make a request to change the value of a the entitlemen...

Antoine by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Report Generation - Exports from UI

When i do an export/excel of Completed or Pending Tasks from the UI a message comes up stating that " A background job has been started to generate report." An email will be sent once the report is available for download." I don't get an email. Where...

myasin by New Contributor
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Apps Onboarding- Performance analysis

Hi TeamWe have the requirement from client to onboard 2000+ apps. We want to understand how should we add the applications in prod so that there is no impact on performance.Currently client is having 300 applications in production. Can you please sha...

jkhanduja by New Contributor
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Resolved! New Account Complete Task Notifications

Hi,I have a problem to send notification for New Account Task completed.I add the template on the endpoint, but i didn't receive mail when task is completed.I have nothing in logs. (The smtp works, I receive mail for approval request).Is there any ot...

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afauquem by New Contributor III
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