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Resolved! AD Update/Disable Task_Error Provisioning

Hi, UpdateAccount:The user OU should be updated based on the location change. I have updated the Update Account JSON as attached but I am getting the below Error when Provisioning Update Account Task "Error while Update operation for account-jabraham...

jbaskaran by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! User Update Rule Fails (Possible Bug v24.1)

Hello everyone,We have run into an issue after recently updating to v24.1 where user update rule does not seem to run after updating a user through the UI.The hanarule is set to trigger when user is updated through UI with the following advanced quer...

hatchz by New Contributor II
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Adobe Rest connection data import issue

Hi All,   Thanks for looking at this issue, i am facing issue while importing Account-entitlement Associations in ADOBE rest connector.  i tried the attached json but it is getting failed and logs are mentioned below Error in logs: Error while gettin...

Dusty by New Contributor II
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Getting error for update Json

Hello, We are trying to extract the city and state from the location field. For example, Richmond, VA. Then, for domestic employee types, we expect the city to be Richmond and the state to be VA. However, I am encountering an error." "city": "${user....

Deepu by New Contributor III
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Create new user flow

Hello all,We want to be able to create new users in EIC. As a part of that user creation, based on the user registration form input, we need to create snow tasks/tickets for certain access for new user. But these tasks are for things like requesting ...

asp by Regular Contributor
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Helpdesk connection conditions

Hi,We have a use case where we have an application connected (provisioning connection) with an itsm tool (helpdesk connection) in order to send an adjustment ticket (without trying to retrieve a status on the ticket generated).The problem today is th...

afauquem by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Technical rule not triggering

Hello all,We are seeing that there is a technical rule (birthright and detective) that is not triggered when a new user is created from SAP import. As you can see the user matches the condition and the rule trail shows those attributes populated.Can ...

Ivan5533_0-1713956481751.png Ivan5533_1-1713956522890.png Ivan5533_2-1713956624670.png Ivan5533_0-1713957382204.png
Ivan5533 by Regular Contributor
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Hi All,I have an issue regarding the "update access end date".I've extend the enddate and it was successfully provisioning "complete" also I set my security system with "instant provisioning"But somehow the enddate is not updated at all for that acco...

alvian_0-1714206253120.png alvian_1-1714206304083.png
alvian by New Contributor III
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AD disablementJSON with logic

Hi Team, we would like to implement a logic to disable JSON in the active directory, where it checks before proceeding. However, it seems that the logic(below highlighted) is not functioning properly.The highlighted logic mentioned below is working p...

navneetv by Regular Contributor II
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Salesforce Issue with Remove Profile

Hello,I'm using the option to remove access in all applications when some rules are triggered or for out of band access detection.However with Salesforce Application I have this issue when task are created :  My configurations :Entitlement Type : Dro...

afauquem_0-1714033092848.png afauquem_2-1714033287705.png afauquem_1-1714033242869.png
afauquem by New Contributor III
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account status management by Saviynt

Hello Team,We have a REST basis system which does not manage the status of the account.We implemented dummy APIs and always return success for the disable and enable account request.after disabling an account, the account reconciliation will restore ...

Lynn by New Contributor III
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Offboarding SAV Role

Hi, This is with reference to the below offboarding SAV roles.  ROLE_HR_ADAEQUARE_OFFBOARDING  ROLE_HR_CORELOGIC_OFFBOARDING  ROLE_HR_COGNIZANT_OFFBOARDING  Issue: Once the end user is assigned with any of the above mentioned Offboarding SAV role, th...

nsapna by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Reopen errored task through analytics

Hi Team,We are trying below query to reopent the errored task in ARS through analytics. Please confirm if below query is good to taskkey as tasks, STATUS , provisioningtries, 'reopenTasks' as 'Default_Action_For_Analytics' from arstask...

asharma by Regular Contributor II
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AD account not re-enabled?

We have a situation where Saviynt sends the request to reenable an AD Account and the tasks complete without any errors.  But the accounts are not re-enabled in AD. We had to manually enable them. Any idea why this would happen?

thesvg by New Contributor III
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