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Enterprise Role Association to 17K Users Recommendation

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hi there - We are in the process of aligning Saviynt to a role framework at a customer that will has approximately 17K users and will have 1.5K roles based on a job code parameter that is being ingested from the authoritative source. We have a scenario that we are seeking some additional guidance on, details are below:

  • Description of Situation: We will be integrating a new role framework with an existing user base (17K Users) at the organization. The users will already have the entitlements associated with their accounts in the target systems, so we are trying to develop the best path to have the enterprise roles associated with the user in Saviynt post go-live. We are trying to keep in mind performance and feasability of the tool considering running the technical rule that evaluates the roles will scan 17K users and 1.5K roles. Also, the system will generate all of the pending tasks even if the user already has the related permission.
  • Saviynt Version: 24.3
  • Users: 17K Users
  • Roles: Approximately 1.5K (Entitlement Associations to the roles ranges from 5 up to 100 per role)
  • The ASK: What is the recommended path/deployment approach for associating the enterprise role with the existing user? Should we let the system process the tasks via provisioning jobs (Mark with no-action required) or manually complete out the pending tasks?

Let me know your thoughts on this. 



  • Upload User to Role mapping from Multi User Upload File import from ARS.
  • Tasks will be marked automatically no action required if entitlements are already exists.
  • Don't mark manually it will not populate mapping between role and user in system

Rushikesh Vartak
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