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Saviynt Connect 2.0

We are working to onboard a client and have specific questions w.r.t SC2.0 ->1. In case of multiple disconnected data centres , does Saviynt provide installation of separate SC2.0 clients for each data center? If yes, in that case while creating a co...

rgupta34 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Saviynt source IP addresses

Our client would like to configure some IP whitelisting on one of its SaaS vendor applications and would need to know  all possible source IPs for a given Saviynt tenant.Is this something possible and how reliable is the information?  I would expect ...

flegare by Regular Contributor III
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Inquiry on Saviynt Connect 2.0 Configuration

Hello Saviynt Forum,We require clarification on a configuration aspect of Saviynt Connect 2.0.Currently, our understanding is that Saviynt Connect 2.0 is typically set up with a single Linux server for all non-production environments. However, we are...

markmora by New Contributor III
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ADSI agent

Hello everyone, Following a problem with the multi-valued proxy address, support gave us a patch for the adsi agent. On the env dev, everything works fine after applying the patch to the agent. But on the preprod environment, after applying the patch...

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bchrist by New Contributor
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SC 2.0 Connect Support OSes

Hi, I was wondering if Sav supported using a windows server for the SC 2.0 integration? I see it supports various version of linux and AWS but I have a client asking why they can't use a windows server? Can they but just lose any kind of support from...

Resolved! Saviynt Connect 2.0 - Support for RHEL 9.X

Hi folks,A customer is requesting if Saviynt Connect 2.0 supports RHEL 9.XReference documentation : mentions that only up to RHEL 8.X i...

Resolved! WIN-PS Connector : Exchange Server Management Tools version for Windows 2019 OS

Hi ,We are trying to configure WINPS connector and want to know what would be the version for Exchange Server Management Tools installed on Windows 2019 OS.Couldnt find anywhere in the WINPS connector documentation which version of Exchange Server Ma...

New User Request via ARS

Hello Team,We are creating users via ARS -- User Management -- Create User request option. While creating users if we select manager as  user who created recently its not working. If we select any user who created long back its working fine.On analyz...

JB by Regular Contributor
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Saviynt v5.5SP3 Queries

Hi Team,Currently, we are using version Saviynt - v5.5SP3The infrastructure is a Client-Server model, currently Linux server version is RHEL 7.Will there be any impact on services if the version changes to RHEL 8 or RHEL 9Regards,Anuska Samaddar

asamaddar by New Contributor
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Resolved! SSO Bypass from v23.3 - still possible?

Hello everybody,when it comes to SSO, there used to be the possibility to have an SSO-Bypass configured for predefined users. Starting from v23.3, there is no mentioning of the SSO-Bypass in the SAV documentation anymore.As we want to test SSO in our...

VicyB by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Upgrading to higher Saviynt version patch will include the fixes available in lower patches ??

We are planning to upgrade our Saviynt instance to 5.5SP3.20 from current version of 5.5SP3.13.Since there are some fixes available in previous patches like 3.18 and 3.19, we assume these fixes will be available in 5.5SP3.20 as well.Please let us kno...

Anurag by Regular Contributor
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Check connection of redhat Saviynt Servers

Is there a way to check the connection of our 8 redhat SC2 saviynt servers via command line on our end? And what else should we be checking after servers are rebooted, and after they are patched? What should we be looking for in logs, and what proces...

Encryption for data in transit

Looking at the available documentation:

Marcel by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Sap External sod calculation issues

Hi team,We are intermediary getting different external sod violations results for sap application.Upon further analysis when replicated in dev environment if we run import job its working as expected means sod violation match from Saviynt and GRC too...

Dev by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Need Some information on SC 2.0

Hi Team,We are looking to build the SC2.0 for one of our test environment. Can someone help with any documentation with steps on how to build the SC2.0 and configurations need to be done?  Thanks,Aravind

AravindK by Regular Contributor
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Info on Machine Identities

All,I am looking for information around managing machine identities in Saviynt. Could not find much on docs portal except a reference in release notes.Apprecaite if someone can share further info on this topic.TIA

Srikanth by New Contributor
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Resolved! Modify Account request is not Submitting.

Hi All,When user requesting for Modify Account through ARS, the form is displaying as expected by fetching all the previously selected fields which user has selected as belowOn the next page I am seeing some Empty fields which are supposed to be hidd...

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EIC Mobile application

Hello guys, acknowledged about EIC Mobile application and found the app in App Store. but it's disappeared in Appstore now and couldn't fin...

Joon by Regular Contributor II
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