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Enable/Disable Service Account Workflow

Hi all,We have a requirement to auto approve the enable and disable service account requests if the service account owner requests for it. Since the request page doesn't have any dynamic attributes for enable and disable request I am not able to fetc...

Yashh by New Contributor II
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Workflow custom assignment block

Hi,We have a usecase that when a role is modified, It should be approved by EntitlementOwner and EndpointOwner.If anyone has come across such usecase, could you help me with the Custom Assignment block queries in WF? Thanks,Harish

HarishG by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! About the Enterprise Role Request Workflow

HelloI have a question about the Enterprise Role request workflow.Until now, Enterprise Role requests from "Request Access for self" were approved with the Workflow configured in Global Configurations.However, in new version, approval is done with th...

AM by New Contributor
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Resolved! dynamic attribute in Workflow.

we have a requirement where if country code is in (US,CA,MX) then it should go to approval to a user group else to other usergroup.  i am trying to directly use the value of dynamic attribute as ${countrycode} but its not working out for me. Has anyo...

Rajatlm10 by New Contributor III
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Different workflows as per user attribute

Hi Team, We have use case regarding to workflow where we have to check if user attribute cp1 is 'ABC' then user creation approval will go to 1st workflow, If cp1 is 'XYZ' then user creation workflow will go for another approval process. How we can co...

gwagh by Regular Contributor
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Action Event pass requestkey as argument

Hi All,We have a requirement where we need to call a custom JAR inside the workflow. I am aware that we can use the 'Action Event' block to achieve this.However, I also need to pass the 'requestkey' as argument to the JAR so that I can perform some o...

AS5278 by Regular Contributor II
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Email to a static User group

Hi Team,I'm trying to create an email template to send notification to a specific User group, but I don't see any binding variable that covers the requirement.I also tried to print the Group's user email in the body using:${com.saviynt.ecm.identitywa...

fuko by New Contributor III
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Workday users import with futur events

Hello all,I have workday source of truth. i am only reading from workday (it is a one way connection). I imported all the users with the attriutes required.i noticed an issue while testing, my client declared an offboarding for a user he set terminat...

ray by Regular Contributor
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Workflow Editor

Hi All I'm trying a workflow where if the requestor is resource owner then it should be auto approved.I'm using below logic in if else condition and it is working as expected if resource owner is a single person. But when resource owner is a user gro...

Two level access recertification

Hi Team, We have an requirement where we have to implement two level access certification. 1st End user will review their own access and will take action once he lock the certificate then User Manager should trigger based on end user certification. I...

gwagh by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Invitation-based-User Onboarding.

Hi,I am getting error (null pointer exception) when I try to create a user via request user tile in home page. below are the steps I followed to set up invitation based user onboarding.1. created a workflow and added invite Action block also created ...

sureshchalla_0-1711349061106.png sureshchalla_1-1711349110360.png sureshchalla_2-1711349171338.png

Resolved! Service Account Owner Restriction

Hi team,We want to restrict the functionality of adding multiple owners while creating or modifying the service account because in Azure AD only one owner is supported. How can we achieve this? If we cannot restrict, we want to reject requests in the...

Saavi by New Contributor II
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renew request in saviynt

We have a requirement from application team to implement below case for their REST API connector. Case: The application need to define an expiry date that need to be associated between the entitlement and user accounts and before the expiry reaches, ...

Resolved! Workflow for Emergency access Roles

Hi,I have the below requirement on access request1. Provide immediate access to users for a specific period of timeI was thinking about Emergency Roles, I created an emergency role and was able to add and revoke access for a specific period of time.2...

deepa by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Hidden Dynamic attribute in workflow

Hi,I followed the below steps to create a dynamic attribute and use it in workflow but i am getting an error while submitting the requestUse-Case: Approve/reject the request based on the entitlements the user has.Navigate to Global Config and enable ...

deepa_0-1706915125145.png deepa_1-1706915125196.png deepa_2-1706915125273.png deepa_3-1706916194489.png
deepa by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Workflow - Check if user group exists

Hello,We are working on an approval workflow and we are having an issue with the following query as it is giving the result as 'true' in both 'true' and 'false' cases-(com.saviynt.ecm.identitywarehouse.domain.User_groups.executeQuery("select fr...