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GSP to Modify Role Users Page

Hi,We have a requirement to customize the Role Users page where we only need to show the list of users part of the role and hide the "Add User" button. This is required in our project so that role owners are not allowed to add users to roles directly...

aksharkay by New Contributor
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Resolved! Custom Property Rename in ARS page

Hi, we are utilizing the feature in the global configurations > Request > Show User Attribute While Request. One of the attributes we are using is customproperty5.However, when submitting the request, it is showing customproperty5 instead of the real...

pic2.png pic1.png
sab2 by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! EIC Attestations Miniapp Label Change

We are looking to change the label of the miniapp button in the top right corner for the Attestations module. I found a label called attestationMiniApp which I updated to the word Certifications but it didn't change the miniapp label. Does anyone kno...

adecastro1 by New Contributor II
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Changing attribute label and format

Dear community,Our project is not going to use the property "Comment" located in User Details tab. This is a built-in field with string format.We would like to release this property to be reused in a new requirement. Is there any way to change its LA...

FranciscoS by New Contributor III
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Displayname for AD group entitlements

Hello, I guess this problem is common with other organisations, so I wanted to ask how others handle it. For AD groups, we import the CN value as displayname. Unfortunately, some of these names are meant for IT users and are not end user friendly in ...

Stauber by New Contributor
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Resolved! Unable to upload gsp file to File Directory

Hi folks,We are facing an issue while attempting to customize a gsp file and reupload the edited file to the file directory.This occurs even if downloading the file, ensuring the name stays the same and reuploading to the application, Error Uploading...

AlOD by New Contributor II
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Account label change

Hi, We are trying to change the account label for attribute "update date" to "when changed" I assigned myself UI admin role and changed the label name and restarted the system but the changes are not getting refelected. Can anyone tell is it the case...

rajat1996 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Customize Error Page on IGA

This error is seen when there is a login error relating to a login using SSO.  Is it possible to modify this page to provide a more detailed error that can help end users better understand the error. e.g. Include details of the support contacts, etc.

chandu_k09 by New Contributor III
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GSP changes on Access Request pages

Hi,We have a requirement:During the access requests, when the user is requesting for additional New account, it displays the Existing account information(Name,Status) as in the screenshot.Is it possible to show the account DisplayName instead of Name...

HarishG by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Localisation of roles

Hello everybody,we need to have speaking role names for the requestor to make sense of what he is requesting for - so we are looking for a way to localise role names. We only found the feature in Saviynt to localise labels, but not the actual role na...

VicyB by Regular Contributor
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Connection json

Hi Team We want to establish a REST Connector. There is no connect url. We have apis for add access where we pass username and password. How can we build connection json without connection url

Jyoti1 by Regular Contributor
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AD password expiration in Home tile

Hi Team,We have a requirement to show password expiration detail (date or inform of a notification) in Home tab tiles. Appreciate any suggestions or ideas on this regard how to accommodate password expiration in Home tiles will be helpful. We already...

Resolved! Can we Rename Create user Management in ARS ?

Hello Team,We need to Rename Highlighted section in Saviynt. We have checked following options but these are not helpful. 1. Checked after assigning UI Admin Role2. Checked in Manage Labels in UI Branding ConfigurationsDo we have any option available...

JB by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Home Screen - Help Guide Rename

Hi Team, Can the "Help Guide" Label in the Home Page be renamed to User Guide. Please let know if this possible. RequestHome.HelpGuide - Is this the right label which I am trying to update, as I dont see it being reflected after the restartThanks, Vi...

vmudagal1 by New Contributor III
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