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User Request Form - Action String to Hide until any value was selected

Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II

Hi everyone, 

I'm trying to create an Action String for an Attribute (Single Select SQL) to hide another attribute, until ANY value was selected. 

E.g. the attribute "displayname" is hidden, until someboody selected a non-default value for the attribute "manager". 

The Action Strings I tried are only able to hide the value, but I'm not sure, how to SHOW displayname, if the value != default.

Manager Attribute (q1.png - q3.png)
Value: select username as inlinedescription, displayname as id from users
Default: select 'Select Manager' as ID
Action String (tried several ones): 

  • HIDE###displayname###Select Manager___SHOW###displayname###___
  • HIDE###displayname###Select Manager___

Displayname Attribute (w1.png - w3.png)

Does one of you have any hint on how to achieve that?

Cheers 🙂




@Murmur did you check this article :

Setting Up Relationships Between Different Form Fields (

Manish Kumar
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  • Use NONE 
  • instead of Mapping try Refresh

Rushikesh Vartak
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Regular Contributor II

Hi @rushikeshvartak 

Thanks for your reply. 

COuld you help me understand your post? It sounds you have a pretty good idea of what I'm supposed to do, but due to missing docs and lack of experience with the Form Builder I'm not.

  • Where shall I use NONE?
    • Instead of HIDE?
    • Instead of SHOW?
    • Instead of the Value?
    • additionally?
  • What is Refresh doing? and shoudl I use it in the Parent Attribute (Manager), the Child Attribute (Displayname), or in both?

Thanks in advance!

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Regular Contributor II


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Regular Contributor III

Hi @Murmur,

There are three ways to use an action string: This only works if the value/input is known or defined to configure it in an Action string. (Ex: true or false, Employee or contractor).

If you are using Boolean as 'Action Type', expected values here is 'True or False', in this case:

SHOW###<Attribute Name>###TRUE___This will show the child attribute if the value selected is 'True'
HIDE###<Attribute Name>###FALSE___This will hide the child attribute if the value selected is 'Falue'
HIDE###<Attribute Name>###NONE___This will hide the child attribute if there is no value selected

In your case, 'SHOW displayname, if the value != default' is not possible.

To know more about forms, I recommend you to check this post - Configuring Create/Register User form in EIC

A solution for your case would be to include another 'Form Attribute' like 'Confirmation' (Type: boolean) which you could include in group '2. Position and Internal Information' ordered last. Once the user fills everything in this group, he should be forced to fill out the confirmation - and only values are 'True' or 'False'. Now you can use Action strings to show or hide '3. group information' based on this confirmation.