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Dynami Attributes action string.

New Contributor III
New Contributor III


We have a requirement if entitlement is selected only then show "country" field as required. If ent. is not selected then don't show the country attribute in dynamic attribute. We have 10 entitlements. 

in ent. selection attribute action string i am trying to write the logic as 



but its not working. 

Has anyone worked on this scenario ?


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @Rajatlm10 ,

Your requirement is to display dynamic attribute based on entitlements selected for request?

This is not possible. First comes dynamic attribute and then selection of entitlements for request. The other way round is possible and used always to filter entitlements based on dynamic attribute value. Ex: If user belong to country=XYZ, user needs see 'AA', 'BB' entitlements, if country=PQR, user needs to see 'CC', 'DD' entitlements.

There is workaround, create a DA1 'entitlements' to list all the 10 entitlements and based on DA1, you can show DA2 'country' for the users. In DA1, you can configure actions to show/hide DA2. But user should still need to select the entitlement from 'Available entitlements'. You can also configure 'Available entitlements' based on DA1 selection.

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New Contributor III
New Contributor III

hey @PremMahadikar  Thnx for the reply. 

let me rephrase my question. 

there are 10 ents.  and user can select more than one. but there also country code associateed with each ent. 

so what i am doing is i am creating 10 entitlement selection attribute ( select single from list )

lets say user comes and select ent1 as it first entitlement then i need country code dynamic attribute to pop up with all the values in it (has 31 values in country code attribute). If no entitlement is selected in entilement 1 then no country code should pop up.

same if user select one more ent as ent2 in second entitlement selection field. then Country code dynamic attribute should show up. 

Basically Country Code attribute should only be visible when there is any entitlement selected. 



Select show on child checkbox on parent attribute 

Rushikesh Vartak
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@Rajatlm10 ,

The below is working for me.

Use this action in you parent attribute: (please use all 10 entitlements in the action string)


For your reference:

Parent DA: (Showing on child is not required)


Child DA:


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