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How is manager determined in Saviynt?

Hello,We have an issue with users' manager change from Workday not visible under users' update history. We are importing manager from workday in this way: "MANAGER": "wd:Manager_ID~#~string".When manager is updated for users from workday, users' upda...

NPY by New Contributor III
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Error in Saviynt 4 Saviynt import Job

Hello,I am trying to implement Saviynt4Saviynt to be able to assign SAV Roles in the technical rules, for this, I have followed the following configuration guide:

Ivan5533 by Regular Contributor
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Need information about technical rule

Hi,We observed that the technical rule did not trigger for users created via import at 05:37:43 AM IST, but it did trigger for users created at 10:37:57 AM IST. Both sets of users have a start date of 2024-06-10 00:00:00. Are there any specific timin...

PinkyChau_1-1716203028377.png PinkyChau_2-1716203415021.png PinkyChau_3-1716203477786.png
PinkyChau by New Contributor II
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accountnamerule for 2 type of accounts

Hi Team,I have a scenario where we need to provision two types of admin accounts, admin_1 and admin_2, in Saviynt for Active Directory (AD).Admin_1 will be a default account for every IT user as birthright, while admin_2 will be provisioned through A...

asharma by Regular Contributor II
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Labels Customization

Hi,Some of the attributes shown on the UI, like First Name or Last Name - are shown as firstname, lastname in an API call.   is there a possibility to do the same for customProperties?Usecase:On UI the label should be Custom Property 1. In API cal it...

HarishG_3-1716371473405.png HarishG_2-1716371463414.png
HarishG by Regular Contributor
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Need information on Certified status

Hello experts,Can we print Certified status , currently it printing json value , so when manager clicks works for me it is displaying as "2" and manager clicks does not works for me it is displaying as "3". Instead of that we need WHEN CERTIFIED = 2 ...

saiKrishna by Regular Contributor
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Updating role owners with analytics

Hi,I have created an analytic report that fetches usernames per role who are not their owners but should be according to certain criteria. The analytics should be run daily and any new username in the report should be added to their corresponding rol...

ekorh by Regular Contributor
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Query to fetch the remove access

Hello Experts,Can someone help me to fetch the query for remove access for both child and parent endpoint.We have added the configEntilement value-->other entitlement details-->added parent entitlement -->enabled dependent task-->enabled Remove Ent T...

saiKrishna by Regular Contributor
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Need Query for KPI

I need to build a KPI´s-- Time spent in the first Approval by level 1 (Manager)*Avg time*Count of requests exceeding 5 days in rolling 30 day period-- Time spent in 2nd approval Role Owner*Avg time*Count of requests exceeding 5 days in rolling 30 day...

Dev by New Contributor III
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User Update Rule Issue

Hi All,We configured a user update rule for inactivating the user then we configured another rule for triggering deprovision access and account but when we are updating the attribute as per that it is triggering inactivate user task with remove accou...

SIRAJMOLLA_0-1715856440117.png SIRAJMOLLA_1-1715856524586.png
SIRAJMOLLA by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Connectionjson- rest connector

Hi Team, We have a use case where to integrate an application we have to use Authorization code flow to connect with target application.Is it possible to call 2 json in connection json? And first call response will be send to second call to get acces...

NM by Regular Contributor III
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Resolved! MS SQL DB accounts import job failing 'Could not find stored procedure 'dbo.USER_ROLES_TO_VERIFY'.

Hi Team Am runnign DB accounts import but the job fails with  'Could not find stored procedure 'dbo.USER_ROLES_TO_VERIFY'.while the stored procedure  exists.Am using the right syntax , have followed the forum ticket: Calling a Stored Procedure in DB ...

Control center

Hi Team,Can you please help me on the below request 1.In control center module can we add any other custom reports as KPI other than the default analytical reports given in this module ?if adding custom reports is feasible to add as KPI's can we chan...

tkalyan by New Contributor
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