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Resolved! Need help to set time in Mulesoft target

hi there,Kindly guide us to convert the startdate, enddate, imdlCreationDate, imdlDeletionDate values to be sent create account script. Tried multiple options as below:1. ${if(user.enddate!=null){new java.text.SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'...

pborah by New Contributor II
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UTC Date Format for Rest Connector

Hi,We are trying to pull data via rest connector for increment user import. However, the lastupdatedate format which we have in the target is in UTC format and we aren't able to resolve the new Date function in Saviynt.Below is the url, which we have...

AshishDas by Regular Contributor
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dashboards based on country

Hi Team,We have requirement to create dashboards  based on country the client's IT professionals should be able to see the reports like Onboarded today, terminated today etc.Has anyone done this before. If yes please do share how did you filter it?PS...

Harsha by New Contributor III
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Azure AD Group deletion icon not showing

Hello,I'm trying to implement Azure AD Group deletion from Saviynt.  I have added these feature accesses to the SAV Role  Create AAD GroupAllows users to request Azure Active Directory groups creation   Manage AAD GroupGives ability to create, manage...

Tommil by New Contributor II
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Resolved! SAV Role assignment

Hi Team,I have created a SAV role for certification 'ROLE_CERTIFICATION', now we need to add this sav role to the entitlement owners for the next step through actionable analytics. I tried but could not achieve it. Can we get the reference on this or...

Ekata by New Contributor II
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Service account owners

We have a use case for updating service account owners in Saviynt. We have already reconciled the owner's DN in one of the customproperty of the service account. How do we update the owner from the account customproperty?I was reading the other forum...

Vipul by New Contributor
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Import Account with entitlements

Hi Team/ @rushikeshvartak / @Sivagami / @Manu269 We have seperate API to pull users membership for Grafana API but when we are trying to use "httpEntToAcct" processing type to pull user membership we are unable to pull the user membership to reconcil...

srinath by New Contributor
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Unix OOTB Connector - Shadow Files

Hi Team, We are reconciling the Accounts and Entitlements of Unix using the Unix OOTB Connector. I see that in the Guide we would require to include the groups, passwd and shadow file to import the entitlements and accounts. I see the groups are bein...

vmudagal1 by New Contributor
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Resolved! ARS create account problem

Hello everybody! While i try to create an account for Office365, in the first step I came across to a problem that I haven't seen before.It says:No Accounts Available , Please Add Dependent ApplicationsEndpoints-Office365 (Azure AD) : Security System...

Naz_A by New Contributor III
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AAD Group Creation Page Not Found

Hi  Forum,I am referring to the below link for AAD Group Creation, it mentioned I can create group via Saviynt on below path: Navigate to > Home and select > Manage Groups > Create AAD Group.

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wyung by New Contributor
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