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Resolved! Can End Date be set to a static value

Hi Everyone,We are trying to set enddate of users to a static value such as "31/12/2025" for some users.We tried with the following query "UPDATE USERS SET enddate = DATE_FORMAT(STR_TO_DATE(31/12/2025, '%d/%m/%Y'),'%m/%d/%Y') where enddate is null or...

Prithviraj by New Contributor II
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Other entitlement details - Entitlement map

Scenario : We have a set of endpoints with logical (user friendly) entitlements - they represent application roles.Users can request them via ACR process.  We have hundreds of them. To map these user friendly entitlements to "real" entitlements impor...

janB by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Report for Jobs ran in last 24 hours

We have a requirement to pull all the jobs that ran in last 24 hours with the average time from last 15 daysI have the below query to pull thatSelect t1.Jobname, t2.run_time as last_run_duration, t1.average as 15days_Avg_run_timefrom(Selectj2.JOBNAME...

Converting from UTC Time to CST TIme

Hi Team,We have a requirement where we need to compare time in the CST Time zone. We tried to use the function CONVERT_TZ(sysdate(), 'UTC', 'America/Chicago') but Saviynt is not returning any values for the function. We have used below query to try t...

h_sapkota by Regular Contributor
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Enhanced Query Account Owners

Hello,       I am trying to update the rank of service account owners using enhanced query but its giving me the error as in the screen shot .selectao.ACCOUNTOWNERKEY as accountowners__primarykey,'26' as accountowners__RANKfromaccounts a,endpoints e,...

Rayomand by New Contributor II
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Duplicate users detection during user import

Hello all,I have workday source of truth. i am only reading from workday (it is a one way connection). I have imported all the users for now.I want to place a detection on newly imported users to detect the duplicates and block the user creation unti...

ray_0-1708093131411.png ray_1-1708093159558.png
ray by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Intelligence:

Hello, I am using the below SQL to query some data and I'm getting an error when I run it. Query: SELECT curdate() as 'Date', a.endpointkey AS 'Endpoint Key', e.endpointname AS 'Endpoint Name', a.accountkey AS 'Account Key', CASE WHEN a.endpointkey =...

Alex_Terry by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Intelligence Query Archival Questions

Hello, I'm looking into the archiving capabilities related to various intelligence queries we've created. 1. Just to confirm, to archive results older than the "Number of History to Keep" parameter, we just have to enable archival in the configuratio...

Alex_Terry by Regular Contributor
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Role Mining - Requirements

Hello,I need info of prerequisites for performing role mining.1) Any Additional license required?2) Any Global config changes to be made?3) Any updates/option to be enabled in Thank you. 

GSR by New Contributor III
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Role Mismatch Best Practice

Hello,We are trying to figure out the best strategy to use for role mismatch scenarios. I read on documentation and forums about using Saviynt analytics to capture users with roles which are missing entitlements. Also using the analytics as actionabl...

sab2 by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Data Analyzer Max Results Increase

Hi Saviynt, I am trying to export some data using the data analyzer but my SQL query is getting capped at 100 results. Is there a way to get around this cap so I can export the full results of the query rather than the 100 top results?Thanks in advan...

JFrance by New Contributor II
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Using Analytics Data in Email Template

We are running 23.10 and having issues trying to use variables from analytics in an email template.Originally we had an analytics running to disable unused accounts after 30 days and the email would go to the user for that.  This worked in 5.5.Accord...

Bwagne_1-1706541512131.png Bwagne_0-1706541370214.png
Bwagne by New Contributor III
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Date Format in Resulting Excel Report

We have an emailed report with users' start date which of course comes via Excel instead of a CSV abd it's interpreting the date as a string of irrelevant numbers.  Only if I open the Excel sheet, change the cell format to Date, does it reflect the d...

KevinP_0-1702908761783.png KevinP_1-1702908761775.png KevinP_2-1702908761711.png
KevinP by New Contributor
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Resolved! Issue with Analytics

Hi,We have written an SQL Query to get some details related to a Campaign(Progress, Status..etc). When we run this query in data Analyzer it runs fine and we get 4 records.But when we put this in Analytics Query we get the error:"Alert: Control execu...

AS5278 by Regular Contributor II
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Resolved! EIC - Migrate V1 controls to V2

I am trying to migrate V1 analytic controls to V2 but getting an error.I tried the method outlined in the form post below but I an error. Screenshot below.


Modifying 'Accept' Action in Actionable Report & Generating Analytic Report for Conflict Items

Hi Team,Regarding the actionable report configured with the 'Accept' action, there are a couple of queries:1. Is there a way to hide the start and end date selection pop-up when 'Accept' is chosen as the action? If hiding the pop-up isn't possible, c...

Sanjeevini by New Contributor III
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We need to fetch the attribure "Requested for" for pending request in an analytics report

Hi Team,We have configured an analytics report to fetch the pending requests along the assignee name with whom it is pending. We want to include the "Requested for" field in that report. Can anyone please help with the binding variable which will all...

Debankita by New Contributor III
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Max API Limitation

Hi All,I know the Web Application Firewall (WAF) limit for Saviynt EIC is 5000/IP/5minutes. Is there a maximum size or number of records per request per minute for the API?Thanks in advance!

JFrance by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Email Template Conflict Count

I am trying to set up an email template for analytics that includes the report name, report description, and conflict count. The analytic returns 42 rows, but it will not send the email out if I am including ${ANALYTICSDATA.size()} in the body of the...

cgarwood by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Analytic Dashboard not Refreshing

Hello All,We're attempting to create an Analytic Dashboard on v23.6, but Tiles on dashboard will not refresh.They are Elasticsearch Analytics. Configuration is.Dashboard Query: {"analyticsConfig":"133"}Chart Properties: [{"tileType":1,"data":105,"dis...

adamlewis by New Contributor
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Resolved! PII not erased

Hello everyone.I would like to ask you about PII elimination.I am currently trying to create Analytics and Job to erase PII but without success.When I look at Analytics History, Action is still Open, so I suspect that setting Default_Action_For_Analy...

JohnDoe_0-1696220917665.png JohnDoe_1-1696220921088.png
JohnDoe by Regular Contributor
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SOD:: How to link "Accepted" from actionable report to "Risk Accepted" on SOD Violations list?

For SOD violations, we have an user context driven actionable report which has open, Accept, Deprovision Access as action. When the user selects "Accept" with a future date(see first screenshot). Is there a way to tie that to the respective SOD Viola...

npise by New Contributor III
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Report of Sav Roles Details

Hi,I need a help with a query to generate analytics/report for all features and webservice accesses for all existing sav roles and the users for each SAV roles.  I don't find any tables to generate these accesses under schema. I know we can export fe...

NPY by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Dashboards

Hi Team,Below are few queries on dashboardsDoes Pre package dashboard can be imported in EIC Version?Can we Create Dashboard based on user contextCan we attach run time report to dashboard.Need all available Image code for dashboard (Refer https://do...

rushikeshvartak_6-1692765417825.png rushikeshvartak_5-1692765410501.png rushikeshvartak_4-1692765400329.png