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Resolved! Delegate Email Template Binding Variables

Hi team,We are setting up the email template for delegates. We have to write one part in french Fact is that the binding variables createdate / startdate / enddate shows the date in english format with the UTC format Can it be adapted so the date is ...

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HichamElk by New Contributor III
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email on adding new entitlement/role

Hi,We want to trigger email to the entitlement owner, when a new entitlement(AD group) is added in Saviynt or when a new owner is assigned to an existing entitlement(AD group). The email should be sent to the owner of the entitlement mentioning the n...

dkumar by New Contributor III
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Conditional based mail template

Hello,I'm encountering an issue with a business-related use case. Here's the scenario: "If the beneficiary's Custom Property 10 is set to 'Salary', an email should be sent to notifying them that access has been added for this user." I...

SMTP Mail Settings

Hi,Recently I have come across supported SMTP settings as below:SMTP Authenticated:Direct Send:SMTP Relay:3rd Party RelayThese are values to which SMTP configuration parameter? Are these used as values for'SMTP Authentication' attribute in the SMTP c...

SS by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Email Templte 'To' recipe logic

Hi Team,I Have requirement based on customer value need to send mail , as of now secondarymanager email id saving in cp7 value. i need include exiting logic. could help on this issue please?secondarymanager=cp7vendormanager=cp59Current working synata...

Raghu by Valued Contributor III
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Hi All,I've created the analytics query for the end-of-day provisioning error report: Selectars.taskkey,u.username,"AWS SSO" as 'endpointname',"error" as 'provisioningstatus',ars.provisioningcomments,ars.updatedate AS 'taskdate'from arstasks ars JOIN...

alvian by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Email Generation Rule by Advance query

Hi, I need the email generation Logic for the follow use case with the help of advance query. Email Address creation logic: - a.     Firstname + ‘. ‘+               Example: Firstname= John, Lastname= Doe, Email= john.doe@domain.c...

Configure GMAIL As SMTP Gateway

Hi,For one of our test instances, I would like to setup GMAIL as the SMTP gateway. After providing the SMTP details, we are never able to successfully test the SMTP configuration. Can you please share the steps that we can use to configure the same?

SS by New Contributor III
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Email to a static User group

Hi Team,I'm trying to create an email template to send notification to a specific User group, but I don't see any binding variable that covers the requirement.I also tried to print the Group's user email in the body using:${com.saviynt.ecm.identitywa...

fuko by New Contributor III
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Resolved! New Account Complete Task Notifications

Hi,I have a problem to send notification for New Account Task completed.I add the template on the endpoint, but i didn't receive mail when task is completed.I have nothing in logs. (The smtp works, I receive mail for approval request).Is there any ot...

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afauquem by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Actionable Email - Azure Ouath

We are setting up actionable email approval with Microsoft Azure ouath   We have provided SPN access to read mailbox but we are getting access denied error.{"error":{"code":"ErrorAccessDenied","message":"Access is denied. Check credentials and try ag...

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