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Email templates for SOD Violation

Hello Team,We have a requirement to to send the SOD conflicts details of entitlements which was detected as part of Accesss Request should be sent to Approver.Please let me know if we can accomodate these information in email templates?As per my unde...

Manu269 by All-Star
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Emails not triggered from one email

Hi,I have created few email templates for attestation.In the FROM part if I use- It works. Emails are triggered.If I use- it doesn't work and emails are not triggered.Any Advise Please. Th...

Nidhins27 by Regular Contributor
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How to retrigger the Emails

Hi Team,We have an encountered an issue where the email not sending to the users as as soon as the Task complete for New account and as part of the email which includes the credentials of account to application.Account is successfully created in the ...

AravindK by New Contributor III
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SMTP Sender Display Name

Emails from Saviynt seem to just send as the bare email address specified in the server setup.Is there a way to add a display name so that they looks less spammy to our users?The standard format from other systems of "Saviynt IGA <>" d...

BarCar by New Contributor
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Troubleshooting Analytic Report Emails

Hello All,We've have been trying to get our test environment to send emails when specific Analytic Reports run but have so far been unsuccessful. The report runs but we never receive the email. We've tried several different email template configurati...

lPeds by New Contributor
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Notify certifier email

Notify Certifier Email isnt sending out despite using all the documented binding variables, the smtp config is working accordingly and campaign launches in progress, what could be the issue potentially?Thanks,Syed


SMTP configuration not working

Hi,We have setup OAuth based SMTP configuration. Receiving this error while testing the connection permissions are given to the app based on the below document. Also attaching the log file.Setting Up Permissions for Oauth based SMTP (

SaiKiran by New Contributor
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revoke email template for temporary access

Hello Team, I was writing an email template for notification of revoke of Temp access. I was using ${task?.source} to distinguish the revoke types. But I realized that I can't pick the revoke task from the temporary access among the whole revoke task...

Joon by New Contributor III
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Emails wont send

Hello All,Im having trouble with sending out email templates, none of the binding variable i use seem to sending out any emails${campaign?.campaignOwner?.email}${users?.email}${userEmail}${usersEmail}${users.Email}${user.Email}Its a simple OOB standa...


Resolved! Base64 Image Embed in Email Template

Is it possible to embed images using base64 images in HTML for Saviynt emails?I've tried <img width="150" alt="" "data&colon;image/png;charset=utf-8;base64,*base64datahere*> but it doesn't render when it gets to the email client.I can add link-based ...

JohnLawson by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Sending Accounts attributes in an Email

Hi,We are triggering an email on successful provisioning of an account. We have created an email template and attached in the End Point - On successful task completion.We are not able to get the account attributes in the mail body. We have tried synt...

kollusunil by New Contributor III
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