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Resolved! Import of accounts taking too long

Hi, we are trying to import about 50,000 accounts but when we run the job it takes around 2 days to do the full import (we assume this is because we need to make 50,000 api calls, one for each user to get their attributes). We are just wondering if t...


scim rest api reference

Hello Team,We are trying to get the accounts and entitlements from SAP IdM through scim based REST. Has  anyone worked on scim before? If yes, please need a reference on how importAccountEntJSON will look like. Searched few forum posts and saw the fo...

Harsha by New Contributor III
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Jira pagination problem

Hello everybody,We are implementing Jira but we can't figure out how can the pagination should be done since it does not accept the pagination forms written in the Jira connection documentation on Saviynt.For accounts there isn't any info in the resp...

Naz_A by New Contributor
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Resolved! Querying role users via API

Hi all,I'm trying to integrate with an external system, and part of that is syncing roles and their membership. One of our roles has a ton of users, and just running /getRoles with `requestedObject=users` times out the request.I need to query the use...

ig by New Contributor II
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Saviynt API

I am using Saviynt APIs1.0 AuthenticationPOSTGet Authorization TokenMYURL/ECM/api/loginBody(RAW){"username":"xxxxxxx","password":"xxxxxxx"}I am using my personal account to get the access token.I have SSO enabled from the start. I don't have any LOCA...

stalluri by New Contributor
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Multiple API call in Soap Connector

Hi team, I have a requirement to update firstname and lastname of the user in target.To achieve this, we need to fetch the unique identifier of the user - Business Card in first call and pass it as input in second API call. (as we don't have recon fr...

smithamg by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! /createrequest API is failing with 500 Internal server error when trying to remove a role from user.

Hi Team, When we are trying to provision/remove a role from user by using "/createrequest" API, we are getting an error message as "An unexpected error occured" with 500 status code.   API Name : {{url}}/ECM/{{path}}/createrequest     I can see below...

Anurag by New Contributor III
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Dataset logic in custom JAR

Hi Team,We currently have 3 datasets we suspect that its taking longer time  to import due to this. Can anyone help what to do in such situation? Will custom jar solve issue? Has anyone added dataset logic in custom jar and put that in SAV file, if y...

Harsha by New Contributor III
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Convert String to Title Case

Is there an easier way to convert strings into Title Case format? Currently I have the following logic in CreateAccountJSON API call to ServiceNow which works as expected: \"u_employee_name_middle\":\"${user.middlename==null?'':user.middlename.contai...

Diego by New Contributor II
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