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Resolved! AD Group creation via API is failing

Hi,We are fully able to create AD group from UI via "Create AD Group" tile. After approval, a task is generated and the group is created on Active Directory after running provisioning job.We are not succeeding at same operation done via API call from...

FabianaS by New Contributor II
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Active Directory Group creation issue.

Hi team,When I click on Create AD Group at ARS it's redirecting me again to the home page not moving to the role framework module, even after adding the required features in SAV roles(Create AD Group and Manager AD Group features).Cloud someone helps...

Gopi by New Contributor III
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Resolved! GSP Customization || Manage Azure AD Group

Hello ,We have a requirement where while using Manage AAD Group under ARS to update the owners for the existing AD groups , we need to add a restriction where remove owner action is only allowed for a certain group with more than 2 owners.For any gro...

Saavi by New Contributor II
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Duplicate entitlement

HI Team,if an Active Directory group with Account and the import process is run then duplicate entitlement being created. One is active and another one Inactive. Group creation steps: Group created and added account to that group manually in AD Job s...

Group Import with friendly name

Hi Everyone,We would like to import groups with friendly name.In groupImportMapping, I did mapping like entitlement_value:distinguishedName_char. But it is creating as CN_testgroup, OU=Groups,….  This is not user friendly from ARS and Campaigns persp...

Resolved! Import AD Entitlement Owners via CSV

Hello, We are having issues getting the Upload Entitlement from CSV to work for adding Owners to AD Group Entitlements. I have tried a bunch of variations for the Security System (Sec System name and Display name), Endpoint (Endpoint Name and Display...

aidanryan by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Import AD Groups from multiple OUs

Hi everyone,Is it possible to import AD groups from multiple OUs?Could it be possible by specifying in the groupSearchBaseDN multiple OUs from where Saviynt is going to start importing the AD groups and how should be the syntax to do it?For example:I...

aarenal by New Contributor
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Resolved! User Group Deletion

Hello,I am looking for bulk deletion of user groups.i was only able to figure out 2 ways to delete the user groupFrom UI: By using Delete Icon adjacent to the user group in user group details list page.From APIThe limitation with API is that username...

GSAditya by New Contributor
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Azure AD Distribution Lists

Hi all,we are trying to implement Self-Service capabilities to fully manage Azure AD Distribution Lists.As we all know, Microsoft has removed the possibility of managing them via REST API, so, it is required to use the Powershell connector in order t...

What if we assign enterprise roles or Entitlements to an active user who has an inactive account?

Hello,when there is a enterprise role assigned to a user or requested by a user. although the user is active and the request is approved. but one entitlement of the role is belong to one of his inactive account. in this case, is that role can be gran...

alc by Regular Contributor
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Azure AD - Group Owner Mapping

Team,We have a requirement wherein a custom attribute in Azure AD contains the value of the group owner. We need to synchronize this information with the owner field in Saviynt. Could you please confirm whether the connector supports the capability t...

suryavav by New Contributor III
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