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Supported Hypervisors For RHEL OVA

Hi,We would like to know what are all the supported hypervisors for installing the RHEL OVA apart from the ones mentioned in the Saviynt documentation.Currently, as we understand, only below are supported:EXSi 7.0EXSi 6.7Fusion 10.x to Fusion 12.xVMW...

Shekhar by New Contributor III
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SC 2.0 Client Server Requirements

Hi,As per the documentation of SC 2.0 Connect configuration, the minimum hardware specification is 32 GB RAM. What are the downsizing options if 32 GB RAM is not available but 16 GB RAM is available?Please let us know the revised minimum hardware spe...

Shekhar by New Contributor III
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SC2 Connector High Availability

We currently have 2 servers where the SC2 clients are installed. To the best of my knowledge, it is currently setup in an active/passive state.I am working on upgrading the OS's of the servers due to them being EOL and want to start by upgrading the ...

savor92 by New Contributor II
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Process to upgrade sc2.0 OS?

We're currently running SC2.0 on an OS that is no longer supported.We intend to upgrade the OS.I am unable to find any specific information on this topic in the forums or documentation.Is there anything we need to know before we proceed with the OS u...

Resolved! SC2.0 Binary Installation

Hi Team, We are setting up the SC2.0 on the client machine. Using Binary Install. We downloaded the file and run given commends. sh sc2-config-update.shAfter running the above command its asking for Enter Saviynt Cloud CIDR. What should be the value ...

gwagh by Regular Contributor
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Rest API through SC 2.0

We are trying to integrate few applications which are using rest api connector for a direct interface. Our Customer requires this integration to go through the SC2.0 client. This is because these applications are not exposed outside the customer's ne...

Inquiry on Saviynt Connect 2.0 Configuration

Hello Saviynt Forum,We require clarification on a configuration aspect of Saviynt Connect 2.0.Currently, our understanding is that Saviynt Connect 2.0 is typically set up with a single Linux server for all non-production environments. However, we are...

markmora by New Contributor III
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SFTP Utility jar connection issue

Hi,I was trying to deploy the custom sftp utility jar and followed the steps as well.Below is my accountImport {"fullyQualifiedClassName": "com.saviynt.connector.SFTPConnector.FileTransferUtilitywithargs","methodName": "saviyntFileTransfer_SFTP","arg...

SC 2.0 Connect Support OSes

Hi, I was wondering if Sav supported using a windows server for the SC 2.0 integration? I see it supports various version of linux and AWS but I have a client asking why they can't use a windows server? Can they but just lose any kind of support from...