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Concatenate Entitlement Types via different apis (REST)

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Regular Contributor II


We have a requirement in Oracle HCM. We have two entitlement types one with the name Responsibility Type and another with Scope of Responsibility.

The Responsibility Type holds values like ER_User, HR Admin User,Comp_Head whereas Scope of Responsibilty consists the various legal employers in which the user should have access. The are around 15 responsibilty types and 70 legal employers.

Use case : A user can have the following entitlements(accesses) for example:

Access 1:

Entitlement 1 : ER_User

Entitlement 2 (Scope of entitlement 1): ABC Company

Access 2 :

Entitlement 1 : ER_User

Entitlement 2 (Scope of entitlement 1): XYZ Company

Since entitlement 1 could be same in both, it would be difficult to recon with same entitlements. Is there a possibility to concat Entitlement1 + Entitlement2 to form a new Entitlement Type using both the apis to form a unique entitlement?

In their current scenerio, they select the responsibilty type, and then the legal employer and the there is a free form field where they manually concatenate both the fields, to give that entitlement a unique name, like ER_USER_ABCCompany.

Any workarounds to achieve the same via Saviynt?

It is a REST Connector. If this could be achieved





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Valued Contributor

HI @AshishDas , what you are asking is not possible AFAIK. But I also think Saviynt can handle this use case without concatenating ents.

You can create application roles and combine your entitlements- (all possible combinations) and name accordingly. Bit manual but it will serve the purpose.



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