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Self Registration issue

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hey guys, so the usecase is when I onboard a user with only email, an invitation link should be sent to that user email and a form should open where he fills his details and when submitted, user should be created in saviynt with all those details.


This is what I did:

Created an invitation workflow and uploaded it to user modification workflow in global configuration:

forum self wf upload.pngforum self wf.png

After that I create few attributes and mapped to user fields in global configuration form :

forum self form.png

Now, I created a user with just username and email from the create user action in users list. After that I am getting a link to that email and when opened, filled and submitted the form a request approval is getting created for 'nithin.nithin' but all the details are not getting populated, only manager fireld is getting updated.

But if the same thing if I did it using create user request from user management and fill out the form directly, after submitting, I am getting email and after opening the invitation link from email the details which I filled first are getting auto populated except manager field and after selecting a different manager and submitting the form, request approval is being sent to 'nithin.nithin' and when approved, the user is getting created with all proper details.

Can you guys please tell me where the issue may be ?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @Nithin_Janagama 

First instance when the user is created, are you mapping user's manager? or just the email?

Can you share a sample user from whom this is attempted and log snippet where the form is submitted.

You can mask the confidential details on logs and share the snippet.