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Resolved! Role default approver

Hi All,I am trying to implement concept called 'Role default approver' in Global Config -> Roles.Any link on this how it works? few questions:1. How the request go to Default approver if role owner is not available?2. Can I redirect the request to De...

n_p123 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Request Roles Query

Hi,I have a similar scenario as below mentioned use case where restricting roles based on Employee type: Use case of Request Roles Query ( works fine if user requesting for self. What if requestor is a 'Contractor' type and request...

n_p123 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Unable to upload Bulk Enterprise roles

Hello All,I am trying to upload Enterprise Role through UI , Its failing with "red screen error - unexpected error", I have attached csv file as well, any idea what i am missing ?Logs=======2024-03-27T22:43:10-05:00-ecm-services.RoleversionService-ht...

IGAQ by New Contributor
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Oracle Fusion Security Context

I've found previous posts on this topic, but I've not seen an answer.For some Job Roles in Oracle Fusion, we also require a Security Context to control data access. So, for example, you might have the "Buyer" role but only for a specific Business Uni...

roleQuery in getRoles API

Hi,We have a requirement to use the roleQuery attribute in Saviynt getRoles API to fetch all enterprise roles except the inactive ones.I tried something like "roleQuery": "r.status != 0" but it still returns the inactive roles from the system.Any hel...

aksharkay by New Contributor III
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Role Removal

Hi,We have an application where  user can have only one entitlement . We have roles created for the application and added the entitlement. Now when an existing user is rasing the request for a new role (which has entitlements) it is getting provision...

REST + Pagination through BODY

Hi,I'm integrating a REST based application and for that the pagination configurations have to be passed via BODY.All the pagination examples available are ONLY related to configurations passed through Query Params.While searching, I found another po...

nikhil by New Contributor III
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REST + Access Import Job Failing

Hi, I'm working on a REST integration and have the following Import Account JSON.  Previously I was able to run both account and access imports successfully. However, during the account import, I wasn't able to map the corresponding entitlements to t...

nikhil by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Workflow for Emergency access Roles

Hi,I have the below requirement on access request1. Provide immediate access to users for a specific period of timeI was thinking about Emergency Roles, I created an emergency role and was able to add and revoke access for a specific period of time.2...

deepa by New Contributor III
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Role Mapping

Hi,Has anyone successfully implemented role mapping for application roles?We were trying to see if it is possible or recommended to create a parent role which is an application role which uses endpoint123. Then create a child application role which u...

sab2 by Regular Contributor
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Add Access Actionable Analytics

Hi All,I have sql query where i have use group concat to add all those entitlements that i want to give a access to the user but i think group concat doesn't work can you please help me with the query.Query: SELECT U.USERNAME,U.USERKEY AS userKey, A....

void0703 by New Contributor III
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SAP incremental import

Hi,What all activities are captured in Incremental import of SAP?we are using the below tables for incremental import in the same order mentioned in documentation. USR04, USR02, TSTC, TSTCT, AGR_AGRS, AGR_TEXTS, AGR_DEFINE, AGR_USERS, USORG, UST04, A...

HarishG by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Requestable Birthright Roles

As we review our system's policies, a key question arises: should birthright enterprise roles be requestable, or is this privilege reserved exclusively for roles designated for request via ARS (Automated Request System)? Your guidance on this matter ...

ewalton by Regular Contributor
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Provisioning job not getting completed

Hi All ,I am trying to provision the account request from ARS to one of the SAP applications. The requests are getting submitted and pending tasks are getting created. but the provisioning job is getting stuck and is not picking up the pending tasks....

sp by New Contributor
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Resolved! Parent-Child Role Setup

Can you please share any documentations related to Parent-Child role set up in Saviynt? Also please answer the below questions.Scenario: Currently there is a legacy IGA arrangement available to establish a parent-role relationship in existing access ...

Happy333 by New Contributor
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Azure DirectoryRole Eligibility

Hey All,We are trying to find a way to display what Entitlements are eligible for DirectoryRoles. Currently, we have the import working to show what accounts are currently assigned to our DirectoryRoles. In our Azure environment, we currently have it...

aidanryan by New Contributor III
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Create Role with child role by using API

I want to create an enterprise role by using API and do verification by using PostmanPostman body==={    "roletype": "ENTERPRISE",    "role_name": "createEntRoleAPI103",    "requestor": "macadmin",    "owner": "M12827005",    "endpointname": "Azure A...

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JPMac by Regular Contributor
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