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Could you please tell me the retention period for various logs and history in the Saviynt product.About these;Request HistoryExecution TrailPending tasksCompleted tasksRegards,
We have created a custom assignment workflow that requires approval from a user group.However, instead of specifying a static string for the user group, we want to assign the user group based on the value in the user's  'userType', appending the stri...
I want to write a query to obtain users whose department number has changed within the last month using reporting. However, the users table and user history table do not contain the information required for this condition.How can I write a query to g...
Is there a character limit for the response when executing an API call to Saviynt?If so, please provide the details of the limit. #AppendixThe following information in the API documentation pertains only to the execution limits.There is no mention of...
Is it possible to register a whitelist of IP addresses that are allowed to execute API calls from other applications to Saviynt?If it is possible, please provide the method to do so.
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