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Bulk Entitlement Import Revocations

Hi,We have a use case where we are doing access certification campaigns. In our campaigns, we are using connected and disconnected applications. Our plan is to use actionable analytics to do revocations for the connected applications.The issue for us...

sab2 by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Role Owner Campaign

Hello,Despite activating the necessary features in the Policy Settings for our campaign, the Role Owner is still unable to perform the consultation/reassignment of their access.Is there a specific setting, in addition to the ones mentioned below, tha...

mgandr by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Campaign reminder emails

Hi Team,I am new to the campaigns, We recently faced an issue so wanted to know if its the correct behaviour. We have configured reminder 3 email templates. So if the user/certifier takes the action on first email then certifier shouldn't receive fur...

Harsha by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Custom Property Performance in Campaign

Hello,We have a use case where, on our users' accounts profiles, we are storing a unique value in a custom property. During our access certification campaign, we are using the option to customize the labels shown during the campaign. We are showing o...

rh1 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Campaign Extend End Date

We currently use Campaigns to help manage our Partner accounts. At the moment, we only allow two options when recertifying Partners, which are "Extend End Date" and "Terminated". However, when we select "Extend End Date" and then select the date to e...

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aidanryan by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Validate campaign of entitlement to role

Hi,We are given a requirement to create a certification campaign for the enterprise roles. . In it, when a  campaign is launched, the request should be sent to the entitlement owners of the entitlements present in the role. The entitlement owners sho...

dkumar by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Custom Sav role issue

I am trying to create a custom SAV role to view all Tasks and users tabs only.However, I can not see any tasks in a pending or completed state.to debug I give all permissions to that custom SAV role. But the issue is still there.I tried user GRP as w...

Custom campaign configuration

Hi,Is it possible to do a custom certification campaign that user with customproperty49 populated with value 'Company X' certifies users who has their company name attribute populated with 'Company X' value?This would be a company owner who certifies...

Tommil by New Contributor III
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Bulk Revocations in ServiceNow

Hi,We are creating an access certification for disconnected applications and we see there are two ways the revocations tasks are created. We can either remove the access immediately during the campaign or we can wait until the end of the campaign to ...

sab2 by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! User Manger Review

When performing a user manger review, one option is to "Extend End Date" for a user. This date is mapped to the End Date for a user in Saviynt. Is there an option to map the date to a custom property or is this hard coded to the end date field?

ewalton by New Contributor III
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