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Hi The requirement when user request for application, based on the user location ars should autoamtically select entitlement based on location,  eg: user location in USA it should automatically select entitlement cn=usa,XXXX else cn=other,XXXX
I created analytics to assign and revoke Manager sav role but if manager reportee is inactive the analytics query revoking access and adding back the access. Can you help with query even if reportee is inactive it should not revoke access. Below is t...
I have requirement If user city is Bangalore and Department is any of this crdc|core tech|aide|awan then it should fetch group as cn=Bglr,XXXXX else cn=Hyd,XXXX  In workflow if user city Bangalore  and department crdc|core tech|aide|awan is satisfied...
I have a requirement1. An anlytics query, If user status in saviynt is active then update Salesforce account status to activeorUser is active in saviynt and in salesforce account is inactive,  if user has to request for salesforce entitlement first u...
I am using Salesforce OOTB Connector, i got a requirement from Salesforce team when entitlement is selected as "Marketing User" or entitlement contains "Marketing" or "Sales" then set attribute "UserPermissionsMarketingUser": true, which ideally shou...
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