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Actionable analytics query to enable account

Hello Team,Requirement:New User (From HR ) will be created in Saviynt and in AD as birthright is enabled, but account will be in disabled state till the startDate reached, on the startDate the account should be in enable state. Email notification sho...

Yaswanth by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Pulling activity logs for ARS

Hello,I was getting activity logs by the SQL below but found It won't be including request history.Is there anyway that we could get some logs of ARS in this query ? select ua.ACCESSTIME as 'Event Time',ua.TYPEOFACCESS as 'Object Type',ua.ActionType ...

Joon by Regular Contributor II
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Control Center Reports

Hi Team, As part of platform optimization, we have started reports clean up activity, a bunch of them are control center reports which are created automatically.Can you please confirm if it would yield any benefit for us in deleting them as they are ...

Imran by New Contributor
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Analytics to Delete Previous Generated files

Hey Folks,Is there any feature/setting for analytics to delete previous generated files? Issue is we are utilizing SFTP JarConnector to send files to target server, and the connector is sending multiple files from old dates aswell,So if there is any ...

n1khil by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Analytcis not creating Account Update Task

Hi everyone,We are currently in a pre-production phase and just recently imported existing AD Accounts to Saviynt.To align our current accounts with our goal definition of an AD account we need to add some Information to the AD accounts, that are pre...

Murmur by Regular Contributor II
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Resolved! orphan account analytics - actionable report

Using the allowed action set as "Map orphan account" allows the user to manually map the orphan account to the correct user identity and it also leaves the audit trail to follow it that who performed the operation and at what time.Issue: Once you aga...

mayankshah by New Contributor III
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Enterprise role enddate extend through query

Hello,I am trying to extend the end date for the enterprise role. I am able to update the new end date, but the role removal is still getting triggered after the old end date has been met, even though the end date has now been updated.Below Image sho...

Deepu_1-1702960705225.png Deepu_0-1702960678071.png
Deepu by New Contributor II
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Analytic Report - Group Emails by Username

Hi All,In global configuration, after enabling the feature of "group emails by username" for analytic reports. This is working as expected to group emails by username but found few observation as below:Usecase:Sending Delegation expiry Notification t...

vmudagal1 by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! EIC - Migrate V1 controls to V2

I am trying to migrate V1 analytic controls to V2 but getting an error.I tried the method outlined in the form post below but I an error. Screenshot below.


Custom entitlement mapping of two endpoints

Hi Team,We have two applications (A and B) with their own endpoints. If application A has one entitlement value, ABC, based on this value, we need to frame one new dynamic entitlement value, like ABC_01, for application B.We have tried in analytics t...

Mervinr by New Contributor
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Query returns no rows

Hello everyone,I have  strange issue with trying to create to analytics.I am actually trying to copy the existing analytic that we have for all Endpoints and create a new analytics for two new Endpoints. What is strange is that I get an error saying ...

ldimitrov by New Contributor
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Modifying 'Accept' Action in Actionable Report & Generating Analytic Report for Conflict Items

Hi Team,Regarding the actionable report configured with the 'Accept' action, there are a couple of queries:1. Is there a way to hide the start and end date selection pop-up when 'Accept' is chosen as the action? If hiding the pop-up isn't possible, c...

Sanjeevini by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Query to fetch user role change date

Hi all, My requirement is get the date of user's role change. We need a report which contains the list of users whose role was updated in a particular period. What query can be written to get above data?

Sharada by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Add access actionable Analytics

Hi Team,could you please help or guide us with the blow analytics query? the use case is that. there is one attribute in Netsuite is CP23. If CP23 is true and NetSuite Account status is true then add okta group to user's OKTA accountNetSuite Endpoint...

navneetv by Regular Contributor II
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Analytics not found through API call

Hello everyone,We´re trying to call the fetchRuntimeControlsDataV2 module from the Saviynt API, just as in this post: fetchRuntimeControlsData Saviynt API, is returning... - Saviynt Forums - 11837, but all that we´re getting back from the call is the...

alanrojas_4-1702400804281.png alanrojas_1-1702400658675.png
alanrojas by New Contributor
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SAP License Management - License Analytics

We've added all the SAP licenses types into the license manager an it shows under BEFORE CLASSIFICATION the right amount of licenses but after running the license analytics it shows under AFTER CLASSIFICATION only for one license typ the same amount ...

Katrin by New Contributor II
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SQL Query Analytics for list of accounts having no entitlements except one entitlement_type

Hi Team , In Salesforce application there is one entitlementtype i.e. PROFILE and entitlements of which cannot be removed( Service account does not have the access). So we need to check if an account is not having any entitlements other than entitlem...

PKSAKS by New Contributor III
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Provision Role via Analytics

We have 'Deprovision Role' as allowed action in Analytics controls; similarly, do we have 'Provision Role'?In the below documentation, we have 'Deprovision Role' but not 'Provision Role''Deprovision Role' as 'Default_Action_For_Analytics'https://docs...

Resolved! Issue while creating an Analytic Report

Hello,I need an extract that is pulling Identities which have manager gap between the ID and the account :i select the username and his accountID and some values of the account (the  manager (DN of the AD account for this identity)theni pick the up t...

hsoumare1 by New Contributor
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We need to fetch the attribure "Requested for" for pending request in an analytics report

Hi Team,We have configured an analytics report to fetch the pending requests along the assignee name with whom it is pending. We want to include the "Requested for" field in that report. Can anyone please help with the binding variable which will all...

Debankita by New Contributor III
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Saviynt reports optimization

Hi Team,As part of platform optimization, we are trying to optimize the reports performance by tuning them. Is there a way to identify the top 20 reports that is long running and consuming more resources or memory?Any inputs or suggestions on analyti...

Imran by New Contributor
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