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Resolved! Disconnected App Tasks

Hello Team, is there a way to automatically close the tasks for disconnected apps? I tried configuring Instant Provisioning but it didn't work. I think it is because it is trying to provision where there is nothing to provision because it's for a dis...

jezzanuena by Regular Contributor
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Task comment is not getting updated

Hi Team,Am having insert query in create account JSON for DB connection type, while am running the query if the row doesn't insert into the table am not seeing any provisioning comment that no row inserted in the table.Can I have confirmation in task...

Mervin by New Contributor
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Application Role

Hello! I need some help on why the Application type of role is not showing in ARS while when we create an Enterprise Roles, it's there. Not sure what else to check since the Enterprise roles are showing without any issues. Thank you in advance.

jezzanuena by Regular Contributor
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Workflow not being saved

Hello! Has anybody had an idea why the workflow I set in one of our Security Systems is not being saved?Here is the workflow. I am trying to send the request to the entitlement owner to approve.  

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jezzanuena by Regular Contributor
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D365 F&O Organization provisioning

For the D365 F&O connector the connector guide does not have any details regarding additional configuration that seems to be required for the ootb "Adding an organization for a Security role" feature.The AddAccessJSON config for the "Organizations" (...

Paul_Meyer by Regular Contributor
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