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AD Group assignment

Hi, I need to assign an AD group to users as per the value of a customproperty in user's profile.I know this can be achieved easily with a technical rule but there is a combination of over 40 different AD groups available and I feel that it would cre...

JasBel by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Removing Application

I have added an application to my development instance of EIC. I used the Application Management interface under the Design section. This was a learning process and some things went wrong while setting the JSON configs. I would like to delete the app...

Transport environment details

We are trying to transport data from one environment to another directly. When we are trying to set up the Transport Environment in Global Configurations-> Misc-> Add Environment, we are getting a form like this:Are we supposed to give a random usern...

PRATYUSH1 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! SAP Tables needed for TCODE Usage

Hi,we'd like to run role mining on SAP TCODE level and incorporate usage data.What I couldn't find in docs is which tables are needed in SAP import to have that data available for role mining.My guess is we need at least SWNCMONIINDEX but maybe someo...

ASA by Regular Contributor
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Task comment is not getting updated

Hi Team,Am having insert query in create account JSON for DB connection type, while am running the query if the row doesn't insert into the table am not seeing any provisioning comment that no row inserted in the table.Can I have confirmation in task...

Mervin by New Contributor
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Resolved! Azure AD Reconciliation failing

Hi Team,We are using OOTB Azure AD connector for accounts import, for the accounts having attribute "mail" as null.Could you please help us what is the importance of the "mail"(AzureAD) attribute? PFA for additional information.Azure AD account impor...

tej2099 by New Contributor III
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Rest Connection - Disable account

Hi,I am working with rest connection and i want to pass the below attributes in my disable account JSON:  {\"loginId\":\"\",\"email\":\"account.customproperty1\",\"lastName\":\"account.customproperty2\",\"timeZoneId\":\"account.customprop...

prachi by New Contributor III
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Set mobile phone in SAP

Hi,we are trying to provision mobile phone number to SAP via SAP connector. For that purpose we added the following bit to CREATEACCOUNTJSON:"ADDTEL": {"TELEPHONE": "${user.secondaryPhone}","R_3_USER": "3"},according to docs of BAPI_USER_CREATE1, thi...

ASA by Regular Contributor
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Onboard Azure based application to Saviynt

We are trying to onboard AAD based application to Saviynt using azure connector in a similar way we onboard logical apps using AD Connector. For the AD based logical apps we have to update endpoint filter , but we don’t know how to update JSON for AA...

Dorota_P by New Contributor
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Resolved! SAP SNC not updating

Hi,in SAP we have an UPDATEACCOUNTJSON like this:{"ADDRESS": {"LASTNAME": "${user.lastname}","FIRSTNAME": "${user.firstname}","BUILDING_P": "${user.customproperty10}","TEL1_NUMBR": "${user.phonenumber}","DEPARTMENT": "${user.departmentname}","E_MAIL"...

ASA by Regular Contributor
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