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ARS Dynamic Attributes

Im trying to get the current entitlement of the account and display it in the ARS Form. But Im not getting any results. Here is my ev.displayname as ID from accounts a inner join user_accounts ua ON ua.accountkey=a.accountkey inner join ...

jezzanuena by Regular Contributor
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Usage Analytics - No Record Found

Hi,I have a similar issue as topic starting the usage analytics and filling in account & entitlement details the result is always the message: ...

DavidK by New Contributor III
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Emergency Access Request IDs

Hello,We are currently trying to implement Emergency Access Request IDs for SAP applications and we have the following questions related to this topic:1. We have followed all the configuration that we found in Saviynt documentation but we still are n...

Account status not updated by SAP incremental import

Starting new thread with same issue because old one is locked:Tables for SAP incremental import - Saviynt Forums - 39330 We have this issue now in another project too. The incremental import for SAP doesn't capture the account status. If an account i...

ASA by Regular Contributor II
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Google Analytics - Saviynt Published Connector

Regarding the Saviynt published connector for Google Analytics, which is found on the forums rather than the docs site:

Brian by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Error in Users Import - Error while processing data: Table 'ssminlp.accounts' doesn't exist

Hello,While trying to import users from the REST App and using MODIFYUSERDATAJSON, I want to join the accounts table like:"ADDITIONALTABLES": {"USERS": "SELECT username, customproperty31, manager FROM USERS","ACCOUNTS": "SELECT name, customproperty14...

user228 by New Contributor II
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IDP integration

Hello Team,Do we have any process or documents on IDP integration, we are looking for new solution to remove ADFS and we are looking on ForgeRock and the integration part.Thank you.

amer by New Contributor
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Saviynt SAP S4HANA and Ariba integration

Hi ,  I am working on integrating SAP S4HANA public cloud and SAP Ariba with Saviynt for SOD evaluation (using AAG module)Quick questions : 1. Is it mandatory to integrate SAP cloud based apps (S4HANA and Ariba) via SAP CIS (Cloud Identity Services) ...

rgupta34 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Application collections for Business lines

Hello,we are trying to create Application Collections for our Business lines, following the steps here : we face is that since we ...

Salesforce refresh_token is missing

Hello Friends,I am setting a salesforce connector and referring the Salesforce Integration Guide.As per the document refresh_token should reflect in the browser URL. But refresh_token is not reflecting. Please suggest, what can be the issue?Regards,V...

SFTP Connector (SFTPFileTransfer Connector) - Regex to match current date in a report name

Analytics reports are created in the Reports directory with names like this:Analytics_Summary_MyReport_20231215_102802.xlsxI am trying to make an SFTP connection that only transfers the files that match today's date I have tried below json in FILES_T...

yogesh by Regular Contributor III
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Solarwinds Saviynt Connector

Hello Saviynt team,We are trying to onboard solarwinds application and found that there is an out of the box connector available within Saviynt under design module. but we have few questions regarding the connector mentioned below:1. When we click on...

Sahanaa08 by New Contributor
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Resolved! User Other attribute bottom section shows Startdate value instead of setting it on main Page

Hello team,I have set startdate value via Modify JSON in WD SOAP connector, it sets value but shows up in Other attributes page bottom instead of main page, I am not sure why this is happening and how to correct this?Can someone help me on this?Thank...

mbh_it by Regular Contributor II
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Resolved! acctEntParams - colsToPropsMap perform transformations for entitlement correlation

Dear All,I have some entitlements which entitlement value is the concatenation of 2 fields due some specific need and right now we are facing the problem of correlating this entitlements to the users.Example of import of entitlements with transformat...

travemole by New Contributor III
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Information SOD and AAG module

Hi all,we configure the SOD Module to run some simulations and evaluations and we encounter some issues. We kindly request your support to better understand if we are missing some configuration on our end or there is a limitation because we don't hav...

Query on Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive access

Hi,Below is a requirement I have. Please confirm if this is feasible and what all modules of Saviynt will be required for achieving this- for e.g. does it require DAG?Pull group membership details from OneDrive, SharePoint, and TeamsPull file/folder ...

karamchand by New Contributor II
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How to access selected entitlement attribute value in dynamic attribute to filter other data

Hi team , USE case : Step 1. - end use will select the multiple entitlements using Checkbox. Step2 - Entitlements selected in step1 will be used to filter the data of dynamic attributes. Current Configuration:  1.  This is multiselect checkbox for en...

IAMVaibhav_0-1700834685603.png IAMVaibhav_1-1700834802012.png

Resolved! SFTP Connector - rename files after transfer

Is it supported by the SFTP connector to rename the files after transfer?i.e. Let's say we have a file called "accounts.txt" on a remote SFTP server and we want to transfer it to Saviynt's Datafiles folder and after transfer rename it to something di...

yogesh by Regular Contributor III
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Resolved! Account filter for Azure AD in Saviynt v23

Hi Team ,we are integrating Azure AD with saviynt . Through this integration we want to manage only employees account and exclude Admin account while import . we are using this account import filter in connection and its not working in v23. not(start...


Resolved! Preprocessor query Case problem Help needed

Hello Team, I am setting companyName =AB if employeetype is Employee OR interns , else companyname=nullTried following and not working , can someone help me correct, I tried couple of changes not working, logs attached?{"ADDITIONALTABLES": {"USERS": ...

mbh_it by Regular Contributor II
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Assigning PD Profiles to Users with SAP Connector

Hi,Do you know if it is possible to assign PD Profiles to users using an SAP connector?PD Profiles are structural authorizations that are not visible in SU01. They define authorizations in the organizational structure like org units. You can view the...

Olesia by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Rest Connection - Disable account

Hi,I am working with rest connection and i want to pass the below attributes in my disable account JSON:  {\"loginId\":\"\",\"email\":\"account.customproperty1\",\"lastName\":\"account.customproperty2\",\"timeZoneId\":\"account.customprop...

prachi by Regular Contributor II
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