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saviynt app installation in snow

Hi Team,Installed the saviynt app in snow and able to import endpoints,entitlements,accounts into saviynt app in snow but to raise a request for application we need to create a dynamic attribute and that option is not showing in variables Could you p...

rinpatel by New Contributor
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Resolved! Can't change query in analytics

If I go to "Analytics Configuration List", open a previously created SQL analytics and click "Edit", I can't see (and change) the SQL query in the analytics.I'm pretty sure this worked in the past. Can anyone tell what this might be depended on?If I ...

ASA by Regular Contributor II
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Error while creating account in AD - No signature

Hello, We are facing the following error when trying to provision account in AD. Error while creating account in AD - No signature of method: is applicable for argument types: (null,...

KhaoulaD by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Microservice Job with HTTP Error 400

Hi,the Microservice Job in a new instance is failing with a 400 Bad Request:DEBUG jobs.MicroserviceJob - MicroserviceJob start @ Mon Mar 13 11:24:08 UTC 2023"DEBUG microservice.MicroserviceApiCallService - Inside apiCall() method.."DEBUG generic.Gene...

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ASA by Regular Contributor II
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Salesforce - Substring in modify account json.

Hi Team,We tried to add substring function in modify account json in Salesforce out of the box connector.The substring function is not working. It is not giving any error but the data is not getting reflected as expected.{"Alias": "${user.firstname.t...

Lockedout uses and the requests

Hi,Requests for locked out users are being processing by Saviynt but not in the backend or target system as the user accounts are locked out. This is leading to a situation where Sav and the target systems are not in sync. After the Users accounts ar...

UmaSankar by New Contributor
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Design Module for disconnected application

Hello! Does anyone know why the "FileImport" in the other application is gone missing? I know file import can be done through File Directory but we are presenting different options and the Design Module is doing well until the FileImport option is mi...

jezzanuena by Regular Contributor
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Issue in Analytics Reports

Hi Team,We are facing error when we try to trigger the analytics report.Below is the screenshot for the error.Is there any configuration for this?Could you please help us in this.Regards,Varshitha


Resolved! Rest Connector Query: Issue with Importing Dates

Hi Team,I have API's that provide me with the account creation and last logon timestamp.{ "Username":"xxx" "LastLoginTime": "2021-06-26T03:31:25Z", "IsActive": true, "CreationTime": "2017-10-16T12:24:34.127Z" }, { "Username":"yyy" "LastLoginTim...