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Information SOD and AAG module

Hi all,we configure the SOD Module to run some simulations and evaluations and we encounter some issues. We kindly request your support to better understand if we are missing some configuration on our end or there is a limitation because we don't hav...

Role association to an Endpoint while import

1.Imported test roles using DB import roles documentation (Configuring the Integration for Importing Roles ( updated the role for endpoint associated and made it requestable3.Updated the endpoint with request option as tab...

PrashantG by New Contributor III
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Zoom Connector Saviynt

Hello I am working on configuring Zoom connector but have few doubts before proceeding further that I would like to clear:1. In the guide it is stated that for Reconciliation and Managing Access the objects in scope are (Group, Roles), I want to unde...

Amar by New Contributor
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Inactive enterprise roles from UI

Hello Team,  I have basic query to check if we can update status of enterprise roles from UI ? For me it is showing as greyed out .  We can do that via csv or May be query . But can we just enable that from any particular role and change the status o...

Ankyt19 by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! [API]: Not able to create entreprise role through API

Hello,I'm trying to create an entreprise role through API following saviynt documentation but getting 500 server error.Therefore i'm able to retrieve the token and perform other calls.Could you please tell if it's a bug from saviynt or suggest a solu...

KhaoulaD by New Contributor III
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Resolved! SAP Tables needed for TCODE Usage

Hi,we'd like to run role mining on SAP TCODE level and incorporate usage data.What I couldn't find in docs is which tables are needed in SAP import to have that data available for role mining.My guess is we need at least SWNCMONIINDEX but maybe someo...

ASA by Regular Contributor II
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Application Role

Hello! I need some help on why the Application type of role is not showing in ARS while when we create an Enterprise Roles, it's there. Not sure what else to check since the Enterprise roles are showing without any issues. Thank you in advance.

jezzanuena by Regular Contributor
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Onboarding application with hierarchical roles

We're onboarding an application called Snyk, which has a hierarchy within.  When a user signs into the Snyk application, there are two "Groups," and within an individual group, there are multiple "Organizations". Each Organization contains "Projects....

ugudiya by New Contributor
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